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Comment Re:First Post for Everywhere Except Yemen (Score 1) 93

However, for a country where they would rather block access to content that might maybe possibly be objectionable, shitty and inaccurate filters are OK. Having lived in Saudi Arabia, they operate under the same assumption-more censorship is rarely a bad thing. And while merely going through an outside proxy is a quick and easy fix, WS is surprisingly deft at blocking access to those as well. So unless random Yemeni person knows someone who can regularly email them lists of proxies they're pretty much SOL.

Comment Re:Education education education (Score 1) 365

I agree-as according to statistics even were you to play for some insane number of millennium you're still not ensured to win. Knowing that a test works 99.9% of the time is one thing, understanding that if tested positive there's still a ~30% chance it was a false positive (iirc) is another and quite unintuitive.

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