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Comment Re:Available in Gaza (Score 1) 553

It isn't statistics in any way, just an insight of someone who lives in Israel (50km from Qassam threat).

However, majority of Israel is secular or "traditional" and while there is a LOT of grudge toward Hammas and various terror groups, the actual groups that would support hurting an innocent Palestinian as main target would be below 0.5%.

Obviously it doesn't cover the cases where collateral damage is involved while trying to harm Quassam sources. Then the numbers would be more around 70%-80%

Comment Re:Easy - make the Games free and charge for onlin (Score 1) 387

"Well, let's see, since scene people like dopeman and such have already managed to rip the actual games and make it steam-free, you won't have to worry that much except for maybe the multiplayer games."

I am not worried. And yes, this offline mode is new to me. However, suppose you have a new computer and steam is offline forever, why should I need the help of pirates to play the OFFLINE games I played for?

I agree that it is DRM it its best (so far) but it is still restrictive and lets not forget that.


MLB Fans Who Bought DRM Videos Get Hosed 299

Billosaur writes "Major League Baseball has just strengthened the case against DRM. If you downloaded videos of baseball games from before 2006, apparently they no longer work and you are out of luck., sometime during 2006, changed their DRM system. Result: game videos purchased before that time will now no longer work, as the previous DRM system is no longer supported. When the video is played, apparently the servers are contacted and a license obtained to verify the authenticity of the video; this is done by a web link. That link no longer exists, and so now the videos will no longer play, even though the MLB FAQ says that a license is only obtained once and will not need to be re-obtained. The blogger who is reporting this contacted MLB technical support, only to be told there are no refunds due to this problem."

Submission + - SCO Threatens to Sue Itself (

Groklaw Reader writes: "SCO's bankruptcy is nothing if not interesting. In trying to explain why it gave away one of its patents to a subsidiary right before filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and why this isn't "fraudulent" it has offered an interesting legal filing to explain itself. Apparently, SCO wants to force the Court's hand in approving their plan to weasel out of this, otherwise SCO will be forced to sue itself. One can only hope."

Biology Goes Open Source 100

cford writes "According to Forbes some of the drug company giants are finally realizing that their genetic research is worth more if they give it away. 'Novartis, the Basel, Switzerland, drug giant, has helped uncover which of the 20,000 genes identified by the Human Genome Project are likely to be associated with diabetes. But rather than hoard this information, as drug firms have traditionally done, it is making it available for free on the World Wide Web. "It will take the entire world to interpret these data," says Novartis research head Mark Fishman. "We figure we will benefit more by having a lot of companies look at these data than by holding it secret."'"

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