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Comment Re:Can't Tell Them Apart (Score 1) 466

I have open source code (about 13k lines of c/c++ for embedded platform) and I happen to interview 'badly' when I am put on the spot and asked to code up something in 15 minutes while someone watches me. that's not how I work and I fail horribly at THAT style of interview. note, I am fairly good (not a+ but definitely better than average) at coding in the real world - just NOT in synthetic white-board style interviews.

As a designer, this type of thing floors me. Every job I've gotten (and every job any designer has gotten) is based on their portfolio. Nobody asks if the person actually did it, or was helped, etc. They ask you to discuss what you did. That's been the standard for getting design jobs for decades.

I don't understand why developers don't have portfolio reviews like this as well. What they're asking of you is akin to someone asking me in an interview "draw us some pretty pictures". Most designers would find that an offensive disregard for the practice of design, let alone a disregard for the previous work they've done that should be the actual litmus test for getting the job.

Developers need to start putting their foot down and asking for portfolio reviews of code they've written and not be asked to do a side show act to get jobs.

Comment Re:get rid of salary pay / make it have a high lev (Score 1) 477

The only way that could possibly be reversed is a group larger and more powerful than the owners of tech companies fighting to reverse it; that is to say, the organized tech workers will have fight for our own standard of living.

Many already have, they've become contractors. When you bill by the hour, most companies will not let you work more than 40 hours per week, and those that do, you get to bill for. It may not be time and a half, but it's payment for time.

You just need to take control over your own career to get out of the salary prison.

Comment Re:From the Oculus VR Forums on Markus (Score 1) 300

I guess you get to be picky and complain when you have an extremely popular game.

Yes that's exactly what you get to be. Why this is seen as some negative is beyond me. Notch built his company from nothing and hasn't taken investment or any of the number of things most companies want to do. He has enough money to tell anyone he wants "fuck you" and has every right to as a business owner. There's nothing wrong with that.

Comment Professional Web Designer of 15+ years here... (Score 3, Informative) 342

I've never used a WYSIWYG editor for any website and nobody worth their salt ever would. So your kid is correct and is learning it the right way.

However, what is just as essential (imho) as knowing how to code it all by hand is having a good grasp of graphic design and user experience. If you are able to master both you are a rare breed and extremely marketable in today's world.

The only real design tools you need to design websites is a copy of Photoshop and a good text editor. Everything else is basically fluff.

Comment Re:Someone take that awesome display... (Score 4, Informative) 989

You're not getting any more screen real estate on the iPad3, you're just getting twice the resolution. There's a difference. The browser for instance will still tell websites the device width of the iPad3 is 1024x768. So the same website on the iPad2 and iPad3 will have the same layout and width, but the iPad3 will look less pixilated.

Comment Re:More nostalgia goggles (Score 1) 401

How is this fundamentally ANY different from what video games have been doing since the dawn of time?

Shareware games->designed to get you hooked on the first few levels so you buy the game

Those little SNES consoles they set up at stores back in the day->designed to get you hooked on the game so you guy it.

hell even a lot of arcade games were intentionally designed to be really easy for the first stage or two so you would get hooked and feel compelled to pump more quarters in. This guy has some serious nostalgia goggles, the model has, and always will be to get gamers to spend money on the game by tempting them with a little taste of what is in store if they do spend money on the game. Free to play has just added another method for achieving the same objective.

You didn't actually read the entire article did you.

Comment Happened to me (Score 5, Interesting) 195

I had this happen to me back in May. The only reason I knew is because Apple sent me a receipt to the purchase of the app in question. When I looked online to see what the app was it was already pulled from the app store, but various caches online showed it was a very badly designed "game" about chinese words with the dev being a chinese name. At that point I knew someone hacked my account and bought the app (yup it was bought with credit I had on the acct).

I brought it to the attention of Apple and they immediately disabled my account. Then asked for proof that I was who I said I was. After I did so they reenabled my account, changed my password and credited me the money.

It was more of a PITA than anything, and left me scratching my head as to how they got my login info. Which is probably a worse feeling than losing $5 on an app purchase.

Comment Why a two-teired system? (Score 1) 213

I don't really see a distinction between a pseudonym username (ie, Captain Avenger) and a made up real name (ie Joe Smith). The later would be accepted by Google+ and FB, the former most likely not, and yet both are pseudonyms because they're not the actual name of the user.

As such I don't see why you would need a two-tiered system. Additionally, I don't see why you wouldn't just allow pseudonyms of any kind in any social network. You're not gaining anything by enforcing a "real name" because you can't actually enforce it without asking everyone for an ID to prove that's their actual name.

All you end up doing in the end is having people switch from a username like most of us have on slashdot to a pen name ala Mark Twain. But it's a distinction without a difference.

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