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Comment Re:just ban it (Score 2) 365

Yep, same here, though more like 2-3x/week for me. Quit cigs after 30 years in '09, switched to occasional pipe or cigar a year later, never looked back and my lungs are *much* happier for it. I do notice, though, that I have zero tolerance for a smoke-filled room, so never smoke indoors, and would rather not be around other indoor smokers either.

Problem is, what's going to drive the witch hunt against tobacco is increasingly going to come from the Tyranny of Capital, as represented by health insurance providers and organizations who use them to underwrite employer-provided insurance: with ACA, insurance providers can't charge more than a 50% surcharge for smokers, but have no interest in distinguishing between a 2 pack a day cigarette smoker heading fast toward a future of emphysema and oxygen supplementation (or worse) and an occasional user of older forms of tobacco usage which have demonstrably lower health risk profiles. Want to enjoy tobacco in any form? Then pay for your own health care out of pocket; you're not wanted in any insurance risk pool.

Comment Re:50MB = 750$ (Score 1) 321

Yeah, too bad, that. I bailed from Sprint's awful service and even worse smarmy lame customer service to T-Mobile, and now I tremble in fear that the one reasonable nationwide carrier may be swallowed and I'll get to choose between 3 flavors of scumbags. I love consumer choice!

I really really hope this acquisition is blocked, just as the attempt by AT&T was blocked a couple years ago.

Comment Re:Processed food is NOT the same (Score 1) 926

Yep. Also, because it's so heavily "processed", much of its nutritional value (vitamins, minerals, other trace nutrients we may not even know about yet) are destroyed, and when manufacturers even care to correct this they "fortify" the end product to try to replace the missing/destroyed nutrients, resulting in a completely different composition than the original raw food materials had, further contributing to the mess, and probably contributing to 'binge eating' in many cases as the body craves something that is missing from the processed foods being consumed, triggering further consumption.


ESA Sent Takedown Notices For 45 Million Infringements In Fiscal 2009 81

eldavojohn writes "The Entertainment Software Association has released this year's fiscal report (PDF), putting out their numbers to level the finger at new targets. Following up on last year's published report, this one has a whole bunch of new numbers to ponder. The top five P2P game piracy countries this year are: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Poland. The ESA's anti-piracy program notes, 'Chief among this year's actions were five separate law enforcement raids against game pirates in California, resulting in the seizure of several thousand games and dozens of modded consoles, and the arrests of five individuals.' But don't worry, they've expanded to other countries. 'The ESA sent takedown notices to ISPs covering more than 45 million instances of infringement of member company games in more than 100 countries worldwide.' They also strive to show they are actually doing things, like endorsing 43 bills aimed at regulating content or controlling access to video games — with not a single one of them making it into law. They did put some into effect at the state level; mostly making it a crime to sell mature games to minors. You can also find their activities localized to you, as this report has sections arranged by state and country. Conspicuously absent this year are any global numbers of what piracy cost the entertainment industry, so unfortunately Ars Technica will have to find someone else to audit, although Venture Beat has a good breakdown."

Comment Re:Its been done for years already (Score 1) 711

Meh, since the fundamental file block size is based on 1K == 1024 bytes, all multiples should use the same consistent multiplier, so that 1M == 1024^2, 1G == 1024^3 and so on. Anything else is, well, inconsistent and illogical.

Or are we now going to change disk formats so that the fundamental block sizes are multiples of 1000? That'd be way efficient... there are programmatic (and hardware) reasons why disk blocks have sizes that are multiples of 2, not 10.

Comment Re:First post flag! (Score 3, Insightful) 630

Unfortunately they won't go out of business over stuff like this. Most consumers don't care about consequences of their purchasing choices, the reasons for which are numerous -- too dumb, busy, or simply apathetic. "The customer is (almost) always right" only applies if the available customer pool is small enough for that to matter; once a market grows beyond a certain size, companies only have to make X % of their customers happy, and marginalize or ignore the rest.

I'd love for things to be different, for for a completely DRM-free eBook to be available, but I'm also too cynical to believe this could ever happen.

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