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Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 331

This. More specifically, I have heard that the "Southern Bell" accent is the closest accent to the original, proper 18th century English, and that "ain't" was a desirable word by the upper class.

For those not familiar, the Southern Bell accent is the kind of accent you might here from upper class white folk in the Deep South. It's almost gone, now, but maybe still exists sparsely. Most commonly, you hear it in movies set in the old South.

And who is to say that the "Southern Bell" accent is the original original? It might have evolved from something else. Like you rightly said, change is not new. Just accept it.

Comment Re:Misleading summary? (Score 1) 134

But, as Seinfeld might ask, then what's the deal with the pending Google patent that describes capturing wireless data packets

The deal is that the patent describes capturing and analysing wireless data packets to extract the IP adress alongside GPS coordinates in order to enhance Google's IP geolocation accuracy. The "mistake" that they owned up to is actually dumping and storing all packets, not just the external IP address. Those are two different things.

In fact, when the story broke out about wi-fi, I suspected it as much. They are sinifing all the IP packaets! To those who say, if you don't want it sniffed, then encypt it or it's on public property and everyone can sniff it or whatever, lets face it, not everyone has the ability to do that. And even if it's not encrypted, does not mean everyone has a right to read it. It's supposed to be my traffic. It's akin to llistening to my wireless calls by capturing wireless traffic that is supposed to be meant for me!

By the way, crying foul when someone captures your unencrypted data is not like getting watched by someone when you stand naked in your window. There is a difference. The watching someone naked bit does not require effort on the part of you eyes. It just happens naturally when you are just wondering around (unintentionally). On the other hand, Google actively drove around the country, intentionally to capture data. It's shady to say the least. And EVIL.

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