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Comment Re:Prediction (Score -1) 180

Hmmmm. Cancer.gov as in U.S. government as in the most trusted source in studies.

Here is a simple analogy for you, to help you understand your position and how studies work in general.

I am making brownies for my friends. A trace amount of Dog Poo gets into the mix. I ask a friend to study the effects of this trace amount of Dog Poo on my friends and he concludes it is negligible. I tell all my friends they are safe.

What I don't tell my friends is that I am not the only one mixing the ingredients, and that as the Brownies were being mixed by numerous individuals throughout the day, each has added their own trace amount of Dog Poo. I won't tell you how many individuals, because there are too many variables, but rest assured, I CAN provide you with a wonderful and conclusive study that TRULY states, a single trace amount of Dog Poo in my Brownies is TOTALLY SAFE.

I am off to make some yummy and safe Brownies!

Comment Prediction (Score 1, Troll) 180

My astrology reading says I should make a prediction today, so here it is...

This study will NOT measure all the cumulative wireless frequency you and i experience every day and night. That would be too tooo hard. So instead, I am betting they just based the study on the weakest signal they could find (not from your mobile phone but rather the super weak signal from the base stations that send signals to your mobile).

So rather than doing a study on a typical human, they will study the safe and wonderful effects of these signals that could only possibly relate to your cat, who stays at home 24/7 and is exposed to base station signals... oh wait, I forgot about TV signals, Radio signals, WiFi signals, etc...

Ok, I am off to read the report...


Yep, another pointless study that is so narrow and specific that it can not possibly relate to a normal typical human on the planet, Except for that desert bedoiun that live near a cell tower I suppose.

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