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Sun Microsystems

Submission + - "Open Office made me switch to Mac"

Gary writes: Australian software developer news site Builder AU are reporting on National ICT Australia's Professor Gernot Heiser blunt words for the OpenOffice community at OpenCeBIT this week — "If you want to be successful in open source it can't just be a 'me too' product. Anything that's not the best technology will not work ... enterprise is willing to pay for the best. OpenOffice is not the best ..." Has the OpenOffice.org community been resting on their laurels?

Submission + - Angry data center admin aims to cut electricity

coondoggie writes: "Federal and state regulators should be nervous about the apparent ease an alleged saboteur gained access to a California data center and attempted to take out the state's power grid. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), last week arrested Lonnie Denison, age 32, and charged him with the federal crime of attempted destruction of an electrical facility. The story goes that on April 15, the California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAL-ISO) which runs most of California's electrical grid contacted the FBI to report a disruption which occurred to the CAL-ISO computer systems. CAL-ISO, through surveillance cameras and employee security access codes, identified Denison an employee of contractor Science Applications International, as the person believed to be responsible for the disruption. SAI hired Denison. Denison was able to enter the building and high-security rooms — allowed in by electronic card readers and a handprint scanner — even though his employer had warned days earlier that he should be denied access to the facility, authorities told the Los Angeles Times. http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/1441 7"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - World's First Interactive Journey - In Tuxedos

lizard90048 writes: In what is being billed as the "world's first interactive journey", two travelers are completing a four month journey across Asia and Europe, the entire time, dressed in Tuxedos. As the journey unfolds, they will perform various charitable acts, such as taking a group of Vietnamese street children out to an extravagant dinner. Every time they perform a charitable act, they will also perform a humiliating act, such as shaving one side of their heads. These charitable acts, humiliating fates and how the trip unfolds are decided by online voters. From the road, the two vagabonds upload daily blog entries, photos and videos of their journey.

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