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Comment Other OS? (Score 2, Informative) 167

Haven't been following these developments too closely, but does anyone know if this jailbreak will eventually (or already does) allow installing a Linux distro on a jailbroken PS3?

Removing the OtherOS option really pissed off a lot of people (including a friend of mine who wanted to try his hand at some Cell development) and while I admit the machine didn't quite seem powerful enough to run full-on X/* comfortably (and forget compiz/etc) it still had its uses for many of us tinkerers (yes yes, small crowd).

Comment Re:Too scared to say that the iPad sux, I guess .. (Score 1) 622

He said "last quarter", dude. Yes, we all know there are still more iPhones out there (if that helps you sleep at night), and only God knows how many iTouch devices are out there (they count, they count...). I'm sure he's aware that your favourite platform still PWNZ his :-)

Doesn't change the fact that 886% sales growth (on a platform that isn't just starting) vs 61% is... well, somewhat impressive ;-)

(...and yea, I'm sure most of those are junky 1.5/1.6 devices with low-res screens that aren't worth shit, but...)

Comment Re:iPad? Seriously? (Score 1) 622

All this hype over the iPad is mind boggling. I just don't get it.

You don't get it because you aren't the target demographic. The socially challenged male in his basement with 12 computers (all of which have been stripped to the bare plastic at least twice) and his Gentoo compiling microwave oven doesn't need an iPad.

This is not about being part of the target demographic, this is about how Apple has turned the iPad into a device that is desired beyond any reasonable logic. I... MUST ... HAVE... IPAD. Why? They don't even know. True story, just have to remove the iGlasses and look around.

My 80 year old mother and apparently everyone else in her Assisted Living place are in the iPad demographic and they are falling all over themselves (actually not very hard to do at 80) trying to buy one.

Get over it, dude. Go take something apart.

Wow, my 80 year old grandmother (guess we're from a diff generation huh?) and all her 80 year old "friends" couldn't give a rats ass about technology in general. Guess people are just special where you live, huh?

Nobody believes you, now go away.

Comment Re:Too bad it won't work in Canada (Score 1) 132

Actually N1 for ATT/Rogers was released a couple of days ago, so that's an option now. N900 works fine on any GSM network (but no 3G).

The "Canadian" TELUS Milestone (Droid) seems to have been rooted, but still no news on custom ROMS (or official 2.1 updates for that matter). I expect it'll arrive eventually though (and the Milestone can be used on all 3 networks).

Comment Re:It will also "start to boot" Linux in 1 Second! (Score 1) 437

Perhaps full desktop in under 10 seconds is a bit overly optimistic, but the alpha of 9.10 currently boots (for me) from grub->desktop in 15 seconds flat on my T400s with SSD -- and that 15 seconds includes the time it takes me to type my password! Yep, 15 seconds, and yea, that's "usable" (icons all there, taskbars, heck, even networkmanager is trying to connect to the wifi networks at that point).

So 10 seconds isn't all that far out of reach... they still have >6 months till 10.04 ...

Reaching login screen in 10 seconds? Done that :)

Comment Re:Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics (Score 1) 774

Of course they do... you're not doing Linux (or FOSS in general) any favours by buying a throwaway MS license with your hardware...

I think this is an important fact that cannot be ignored... sure, Microsoft got a (license) sale out of it, but I know a few people now that have purchased one with XP as a "good to have" and then blew the partition away and installed Ubuntu instead. I'm sure they're in the overall minority, but...

A friend of mine just got his shiny Acer Aspire this weekend (with XP, of course) and spent a couple of hours getting Ubuntu up and running how he likes it... why did he buy XP? "you never know when you'll need to run Windows software".

Guess its the same reason why my Ubuntu-powered Thinkpad still has the Vista license sticker underneath... score one sale for MS.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Valve Doesn't Port HL2 to Mac Because of Money?

GaryPatterson writes: We all had a bit of a laugh last week when Valve founder Gabe Newell said there were three reasons Apple doesn't help developers. He didn't so much list those reasons as talk around general issues. Today Tuncer from Inside Mac Games wrote a blog claiming Newell asked for a cool million dollars to port HL2 to the Mac. It's an interesting read and sheds a different light on Newell's recent comments.

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