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Comment Re:My experience (Score 1) 287

The things you describe sound very familiar, though I do not get these with LSD but by simple exercise of thought, some good parties, music, being in nature. The brain enters a stage of flow, yada yada. For everyone the way to reach this state of mind is different, harder for some then for others. Meditation, drugs, having a great partner, a good conversation or even just a good night of sleep, many roads are leading to Rome. Personally I cherish my ability to fairly easily achieve such a state enough to want to risk my delicate chemical balance with drugs, although easily available here.

The hard problem of consciousness seems like an even more intractable issue than the fundamental problems of physics. How something like consciousness can emerge from matter.

Consciousness seems to be an emergent feature of matter, similar to temperature and actually time itself. It explains why you are more prone to simple diseases when feeling unhappy, your consciousness just being a representation of the state of your brain. A few simple rules in a larger environment seem to commonly lead to emergent features. Quantitzation of energy packets leads to the Sun being able to exist for 9 billion years, it leads to rainbows and the rates of radioactivity as they are. Consciousness seems to be just one more of these emergent features that in itself are nothign special. Quite frankly if you dive far enough into elementary physics with an open mind I don't think you would make the same statement ever again. The Universe is fascinating and its fundamentals also really, really weird.

Comment Re:Expats? (Score 1) 289

While the problems you mention do exist, Wilders barely presents any form of solutions. Abolishing passports sounds nice but doesn't do a whole lot, a strong cultural identity is not changed by taking away some paperwork.

You need to realize that most Turks in the Netherlands live their happy life without causing any form of trouble and without being nationalistic supporters of Erdogan. Erdogans main voting base is mostly rural Turkey, not varying degrees of westernized Turks in Europe. This whole (completely planned) thing got started by Erdogan because he is

Most Dutch Turks do not serve in the Turkish military at all as it can be bought off for roughly 7500 EUR.
There are no third degrees Dutch Turks that do not speak Dutch. They may speak Turkish most of the time, but they can speak Dutch generally very well.

Integration can work, hell it does even work pretty decently. We've had many more cultures integrate, usually with some frictions. It only works though with enough time and lack of hate. This is where Wilders is simply dangerous, he fuels hate, he rarely debates, doesn't compromize. He wants to assimilate anyone that doesn't fit his exact narrative. The ironic thing is that Wilders is almost as far from a traditional tolerant, well thought, compromizing Dutch as these rioting group of Turks.

Comment Re:Indeed, how do YOU know? (Score 1) 447

Possibly. Also, possibly, nobody gives a shit because every Russian and Chinaman (and everyone else) already knows their governments have bugged their assholes. "The corrupt commie governments are doing corrupt commie shit!" isn't exactly breaking news.


There is zero evidence WikiLeaks is compromised by Putin.


There is zero evidence Trump is compromised by Putin.

While I agree he is unlikely to be 'compromised' aka a Putin puppet, there are plenty of signals that he is at least influenced by Putin and the question remains why? All the pre-election contacts, public outcries of admiration, financial interests and lack of financial transparancy on behalf of mr Trump warrant an investigation. Especially considering the minor relevance of Russia for trade. Trump is the one who has been making public statements of support for Russia over and over again, why is his team so focused on it instead of China?

If anything the "Putin is super powerful and can haxx0r the whole planet and everyone's minds!!!" narrative is the Russian propaganda to make Putin seem far, far more powerful than he actually is. In reality, Russia is a paper tiger (bear?) with a GDP smaller than that of Spain.

Also agree

The left needs a boogeyman to distract from their failures and they're happy to buy right into Putin's propaganda and spread it for him.

This is where you completely derail into fantasy. The 'left' (if such a homogeneous thing exists) doesn't need Putin at all as a boogeyman and Putin has done plenty of stuff that anyone with some common sense views him as not just some regular democratically elected head of state but as a dictator that has shown to have no limits to remain in power.

Comment Re:Seems like improvement... (Score 1) 251

Really no idea where you are getting that last part from but the fundamental difference between a government and a corporation is that the former is setup (usually) to serve its people and is held accountable by them, while the latter is setup to serve itself and its shareholders. That doesn't mean at all corporations are inherently evil, not at all (not a zero sum game), but there is a fundamental difference. Whether your local implementation of this is well functioning and desirable is a different story.

This system only works as long as the government can oversee and control the behaviour of corporations. The production of weapons by a company is not a problem because the gov has a standing army capable of taking that corporation out completely. With encryption a similar balance applies to function optimally, and a government having a braindrain and becoming incapable of properly overseeing related aspects like elections, security systems or nuceal launch codes can become a huge liability.

Comment Re:The end is near? (Score 1) 481

Because it is not that economically viable in the long term, the price of solar and wind has been dropping tremendously in the last few years and is expected to continue to do so. Nuclear has to deal both with a lot of regulations (and rightfully so) and is simply more expensive with the current trends. I have nothing in itself against nuclear, but its simply more expensive. This will hopefully change in the longer run with fusion.

Another point is why would you switch your country from being dependent on another foreign country with oil to replace it with uranium when you can become completely energy independent by using solar combined with the developing energy storage options, or fusion in the future.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 0) 414

There is no evidence that viewing child porn causes the consumer to commit more child abuse, and some evidence that it is preventative.

I'll invite you to name your sources. In 2006 a documentary aired on the Dutch national television that made the case that viewers of childporn have a tendency to view worse and worse forms of it as well as try to create their own as well

Not to mention the fact that often access to childporn on these sites is obtained by submitting your own original content, which was the main driver behind one of the recent largest abuses in The Netherlands

So I call bullshit on your claims to be honest

Comment Re:The priesthood has spoken (Score 1) 249

You don't actually understand science, scientific reasoning, or particularly the scientific method. What you do is simply what you are told. You're like a soulless golem, desperate to just prove your conformity by repeating mindless talking points.

Mate you need to have a long hard look in the mirror. Not even sure why you are on Slashdot if you cannot understand the basic science behind climate change

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 1) 600

Well keep in mind that most borders are pretty artificial constructs often only decades or a few hundrerd years old where modern day humanity has been around for millenia. Ofcourse it makes some things a bit more manageable, but there is something inherently funny in thinking your responisiblity lies just with those 300 million people in the same zone while thinking 'Screw them' about that community a 100 k away just because they happen to be in a differently named zone. Humanity at its finest

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 1) 534

As you could've read from my reply, irrespective of who is a presidential candidate running for an important office or irrespective of who's actually sitting in office making decisions about presidential pardons, there are basic common values to uphold: Disclose the numbers in the first case, tell the truth in the second. I'm able to see the hypocrisy of Obama saying he can't order a pardon for Snowden. Are you even able to do the same for the president elect's financial disclosure and tax payments considering his statements in the past?

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