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Comment seen for what it is (Score 1) 431

"Maybe they fear that their creation story will be seen for what it is if pupils get to learn ideas supported evidence."

What would that be? I see nothing wrong with accepting the creation story in a theological context and evolution in a scientific context. I totally agree evolution should be taught in school over creationism since the context is science. But I also detest snide comments such as this.

Comment Nothing wrong with paid software (Score 1) 433

Zero-cost, but certainly not Free Software; one has to wonder whether Open Source games with a "donation" build in the store would do better than proprietary games with upfront costs.

I would rather pay a dollar for a high quality game than have a dumb ad supported model. There is nothing wrong with people wanting to be paid for software they have written. What is wrong is people stealing it. Worse stealing it when it only costs a dollar.

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