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Submission + - UK Conservatives Promise to Scrap Human Rights Act (

vinehair writes: At the Conservative Party Conference, UK Home Secretary Theresa May stated that the party is prepared to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR.) "The next Conservative manifesto will promise to scrap the Human Rights Act. It's why Chris Grayling is leading a review of our relationship with the European court [of human rights]," she told the party's conference. "And it's why the Conservative position is clear – if leaving the European convention is what it takes to fix our human rights laws, that is what we should do," she said to applause.

This shortly follows a YouGov poll that claimed that up to 70% of UK voters want immigration stopped completely. What kind of picture does this paint for the future of the United Kingdom on the international stage?

Comment Re:Too unstable (Score 2) 65

This kind of service doesn't help at all with future planning of finances, as would what you'd expect with a mobile phone plan. Sure, these services help with the immediate case, but if I have a recurring payment of $20, say, every month, what good is that to me if XBT have just tanked yet again and I have less than half in my wallet than I had planned for? The stability is the biggest (one of the only?) problems left with bitcoin to solve before it could see wider use, and this right now is just a novelty way to pay the odd bill or two for a slim margin of customers, from a company that has made its name with similar novel marketing tactics.

Comment Bitcoin rah rah rah! (Score 1) 292

Okay, we get it, everything is related to Bitcoin and we must hear about it daily. Including this patent which barely has anything to do with how Bitcoin operates on a technical or design level, other than whatever the submitter could pretend to find while glancing over the patent abstract.

I really wish the Slashdot love affair with Bitcoin would end, already.

Submission + - Tearing DNA Apart Found to Have 3 Possible Outcomes

An anonymous reader writes: What happens when a DNA strand, the blueprint containing the genetic code of all life, is mechanically stretched and thus disintegrates? This case is very common, with DNA in cells often subject to mechanical force. For the first time, scientists employing advanced physics techniques showed that the DNA structure will be disrupted in one of three distinct ways when the DNA molecule is stretched, depending on the environment where it occurs.

Comment Re:Yep. And more... (Score 1) 171

Your truly important rights will disappear in the loss of the rights protected by the 2nd amendment. Don't believe it? What will YOU do when they pass a law that allows them to arrest you for no reason? Oh wait, they already have. OK, what will YOU do when they pass a law that allows them to pass judgement on you and execute you without a trial? Oh... ermm... they did that too.

OK, what will you do when they tell you that you have to worship a religion not of your choosing? Or that you aren't allowed to bitch about what a shitty government we have? Or that you can't say the president is a douchebag?

The whole point to the 2nd Amendment is that it gives the people the ability to defend their unalienable rights if need be. Its not about hunting or sporting clays as our current leadership would have plebs like you believe. Its to give the people the ability to cast down a tyrannical government if ever the need arises.

This is what Americans actually believe.

Good luck taking down an armed military with your plinkers, if they actually WANT to get rid of you. Or they could, you know, keep doing the slow-boil that they've been doing for years. That seems to be working pretty well - as you already note yourself. Why fight them when you can just make them agree with you?

Comment Re:Who cares about untethered? (Score 1) 587

Most of us wanted to move away from the whole 'needs a PC to store anything once the batteries die' thing when we ditched the Palm devices.

Okay, it's not exactly the same, but I don't like the idea of needing to bring a laptop that I otherwise simply don't need in case I'm away from home longer than the battery lasts in one go and when I'm between power points. That's just absurd to me.

Comment Re:Just another day. (Score 1) 268

I've only ever done MSP as a stop on the way to somewhere else and you pointed out in another post that I must clearly have ignored/missed an exit to the unsecured area immediately after its customs barrier and just before security. So I have to apologise for my assertions in the thread. My destination is usually Kansas - short of hopping in a Greyhound or hiring a car or something equally horrible, I have no way of making a direct flight there so it's as good as an arrival scan to me, probably why I didn't think it through properly for people that were actually stopping at MSP.

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