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Submission + - Slashdot Poll

village fool writes: How many people will die from Ebola before a vaccination is developed?
70,000,000 (1% of world population)
700,000,000 (10%)
17,500,000,000 (25%)
What's Ebola and why do I have a fever?

Comment Term Limits (Score 1) 393

TERM LIMITS! We need term limits! They are only in it for themselves. There is no reason any of us can't represent our district. Send them up there for a term and then send someone new! Representing the people and making laws is not rocket science, you know. Time to "right size" congress. It made sense to have districts when we had only horses. Now with modern communication, we can cut the number of "representatives" way down. Think of the savings!

Comment Re:I would think Slashdot would be more aware of E (Score 1) 172

I have not noticed this. We have a yard at the base of a cell phone tower used by 4 carriers - no problems. I've been putting old desktop MBs under hives for about 3 years, complete with switch mode power supplies and hard drives, some with Wi-Fi, some with ethernet - no problems. I think what you are referring to was one poorly designed experiment where the cordless phone base was placed in the hive. If it did cause the hive to collapse, it was probably the magnetic field from the transformer in the base, not the RF.

Comment (Score 5, Interesting) 172

Folks, check out and We've been putting sensors in hives for about three years - have about 15 on-line in the southeast US and California. We desperately need DBAs and programmers to help with some of the software tools. I work for a commercial beekeeper in the southeast US. We run about 2000 hives. Last fall we had our first experience with colony collapse. A brief description can bee seen at When you troubleshoot a system that was working, whether it's hardware or software, the first thing you do is undo the last thing you did. In this case it could be the introduction of Neonicitinoids. The EU has banned them for a few years. This is similar legislation in the US: The save the American Pollinators Act of 2013, HR 2692 This is a real problem that is starting to affect the food supply - seen the the price of almonds this year? And yes, we probably have seen this before in the late 1800s- only it was called Disappearing Disease or Dwindling Off. Guess what insecticide was used then?

Comment Re:Konqueror (Score 1) 381

Yep. Me, too. Don't forget the Archive Web Page tool, or the ability to change the way Konqueror reports itself (good for sites that only "work" with IE), or the ability to save sessions, or the FTP/FISH IOslaves. Even has one for man pages. Fast, clean and beautiful. We love you, Konqueror developers! I spend 95% of my time in Konqueror and Kate. They, like Linux, don't get in the way - they fight for me instead of with me. Gee, there are only three of us? I didn't realize the great unwashed masses are so "densely" populated.

Comment Tim Clemente (former FBI agent) is a ... (Score 1) 601

What I don't understand is weeks ago (May 5th) former FBI counterterrorism agent Tim Clemente said that all digital communications are recorded and stored, that "no digital communication is secure".* Didn't Snowden just confirm what was already leaked? Why isn't Mr. Clemente on his way to Ecuador? *

Submission + - Red state, blue state divide reflected in grim statistic: fatal traffic accident (

village fool writes: "The nation’s red and blue states often are miles apart in social attitudes and, of course, in political outlook. It turns out that they also divide into distinct camps when it comes to a grimmer measure — fatal traffic accidents. The 10 states with the highest fatality rates all were red, while all but one of the 10 lowest-fatality states were blue."

Why? Speed? Infrastructure? Aggressive driving? Road rage? Lack of cannabis? Note that California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington are among the lowest ...

Comment Re:i don't really like bill gates that much but... (Score 1) 575

Yep. Spot on, ackthpt. Er, Bill, you mean the kids need something with a keyboard like the One Laptop Per Child project that you tried so hard to destroy? This technology assessment brought to you by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that believes all people have the right to lead healthy and productive lives as long as they continue to pay monopolistic rents to Micro$oft Corporation. You gotta love it - he steals your money and then uses it to try to buy his way into heaven. "God shows his contempt for wealth by the kind of person he selects to receive it." -- Austin O'Malley

Comment Linus thinks so too (Score 1) 1

See the BBC interview Linus Torvalds: Linux succeeded thanks to selfishness and trust at "In other words, I do not see open source as some big goody-goody "let's all sing kumbaya around the campfire and make the world a better place". No, open source only really works if everybody is contributing for their own selfish reasons."

Submission + - The rise of Linux: trust and selfishness ( 1

village fool writes: "Hey, everybody see the BBC article, "The rise of Linux -
Why trust and selfishness helped the open source system succeed" at

Apparently, it is a "rare interview" in case Linus Torvalds wins the Millennium Technology Prize. Interesting take on trust, selfishness (not selflessness) and affordable failure (Raspberry Pi)"

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