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Comment Re:So reassuring... (Score 1) 460

What is awesome about Qwickster is that is that their stock price was around $300 when they announced they were splitting off the business that was bringing in the most revenue and had the highest profit margin and it crashed to around $50.

They haven't recovered much since, yet somehow Hastings never got fired for sheer arrogance and stupidity. This newest round of idiocy dropped their stock over 12% today, yet the moron remains.

Comment Re: pen and paper (Score 1) 286

Why exactly would you need to reference something sketched on a whiteboard years later?

Notes aren't meant to be a historical record. If it is something that needs to be documented for posterity, there are better things than notepads and whiteboards.

What do you think project documentation is?

Hint: it is not notes and not pictures of whiteboards

Comment Re: There's only one way to fix Microsoft (Score 1) 312

I just set up a new Dell laptop for a friend.

It required a ton of work for a new laptop. Sound was miserable and required that I search Dell's website for a proper driver and then mess with settings to get it acceptable.

Same with graphics drivers to get the screen to auto-rotate in tablet mode.

Of course, I had to install anti-beacon + anti-virus since it was Windows 10.

Most Linux distros work without extra effort once the install is done.

Windows is significantly harder to install and setup, even if an OEM installs it.

Comment Re:Danger Will Robinson! (Score 1) 213

Netflix lost a lot when they lost the contract to all the various discovery channel's stuff.

They did bring in a lot of BBC stuff like David Attenborough's awesome nature documentaries.

As for original stuff, adding 2 seasons to The Killing was dumb. The first season of Daredevil was awesome, haven't seen season 2 yet. Jessica Jones had potential but got tedious really quickly. I loved how neither felt like comic book shows.

They have a great selection of excellent older movies and since it has been at least 15 years since I have seen a movie in the theaters worth watching I don't feel that their lack of newer movies is a negative.

Comment Re:The problem is the perception of obesity (Score 1) 369


BMI on athletes and body builders is invalid and applies to a tiny fraction of people. A normal person with 30%+ BMI? The OP was right, but mean about it.

At one point I was 50 pounds overweight, gained it all in college.

I lost it all in 4 months by changing my diet to a healthy one( for example oatmeal/eggs in the morning a very healthy smoothy for lunch - berries, pomegranate, acai, beet, kale, lemon and other juices- and chicken/fish beans/brown rice/quinoa and a large salad with good lettuces and lots of different vegetables and fruit with nothing else for desert - I spend less than $100 a week on food for 2 people) and without any exercise. I still had my daily blue Full Throttle as my only vice. I did it during winter and where I live it is too cold and icy to go running.

I cut out lots of sugar and simple carbs, very little pasta and potatoes and no sodas. Once a month I would have a grilled chicken salad and fries with no soda at Wendy's as my "cheat" meal.

I kept it up and am maintaining a healthy weight and am out running a few times a week now that it is warmer.

Comment How long until it becomes racist? (Score 1) 54

It will only allow you to view white supremacist meetings.

Seriously though, where is the need for something like this? Unless you can smack the hologram and the person on the other end can feel it. That might be worth something.

This doesn't solve any problems at all. Much like everything MS has done since Windows 8. Points for consistency.

Comment Re:Design (Score 1) 155

for vs while is a decision that is made because of the code. Need to iterate N times? for loop.

Don't know how many times a loop needs to execute? while loop.

These aren't the sort of decisions that are made by "software designers", nor should they.

They work at a much higher level.

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