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The Media

Submission + - Russian video from North Pole fake 2

viking2000 writes: RUSSIAN LIE: A russian mini sub reached the sea floor under the North Pole, Reuters reported. Now it all is uncovered as fabrication

The pictures are not from the North pole at all, but from the Hollywood movie "Titanic"

"Location information of the videos are incorrect" says Reuters to FNB.

The images instead shows a dive done by mini subs in the Atlantic ocean while looking for the Titanic. Hollywod producer James Cameron used the same type mini sub the russians used on the North Pole, when he made the movie "Titanic" in 1997.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - How should we set up a neigbourhood wifi net?

viking2000 writes: "I would like to get Slashdot readers input on how to set up a wireless (100 homes) and wired (200 homes) network in a condo development. We have fiber to the premises with up to 600Mb/s.

The plan is to give out 300kb/s to everyone for free, and then charge for 10Mb/s min up to 50Mb/s if available.

I want to set up two Linux boxes with two 1000Mb ethernet cards as the routers doing loadsharing and redundancy. Here are my questions:
1. What do I use on the linux router in addition to iptables? I want at least to limit banwidth per user.
2. What do I use to manage the wireless accesspoints (10).
3. How to I set up loadsharing?
4. What do I use for network monitoring etc?

Thoughts, suggestions, successes or failures?"

Submission + - Music industry wants guitarists to stop sharing

viking2000 writes: Music industry demands guitar tablature sites, where users exchange tips on how to play songs like "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," "Highway to Hell" and thousands of others to shut down.

This include free sites like Olga, and, and even discussion boards on the Google Groups service like and, where amateur musicians trade "tabs" — music notation — for songs they have figured out or have copied from music books.

And of course this will not go away anytime soon. Congress has happily extended and extended copyright from originally 14 years after the work was created until it now is 95 years after the death of the author.

Submission + - $100 laptop is now at $140. Any more pricehikes?

viking2000 writes: Negroponte is updating us with the price of the $100 laptop. As many /. comments have suggested, $100 was fiction. Article in o+kick+off/2100-1003_3-6108355.html?

Now the price is $140. Can they make it for that, or will it go even higher.
Also seems to be some confusion as to the orderability and trial programs of the laptop: The trials are with "Visual models and developer board demos", and no orders have been accepted.What will this end up costing? How can they make the LCD display at very low cost?

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