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Comment Re:systemd has done more harm to Linux than SCO di (Score 1) 231

SysV and the flusterfuck dyslexic script hackery behind SysV was a constant nightmare with a mountain hardware complaints leading back to it.

Even so the clusterfuck of rc scripts in most redhat derivatives was Red-Hat's creation. People aren't using init, via inittab, properly and now the reason cited to replace init is because the rc system, and the script hackery behind it created by red-hat is disliked. Keh?

Wouldn't a better rc system work better?

Here is a thought, why not learn how to use the shell properly so that shell hackery is not required. Or another idea, learn how to implement design patterns in bash/sh/ksh/zsh. Init is a simple elegant idea, people are arguing for it's removal because they aren't skilled enough writing *shell scripts*. It seems a bit silly to me that people who can't write something so simple have any business modifying the way the OS initializes.

It would be great to get Ken Thopson's opinion on the situation.

However, since we have the attention of many systemd advocates, can someone please throw a use case at me that init doesn't satisfy that systemd does? I'm really trying to understand why it is supposed to be better than something that is as tested as init. I don't mind using it, but why it is supposed to be so compelling?

I miss the simplicity of the bsd-like init config scripts sitting on top of SysV in Arch, before they adopted systemd. So much could be configured from rc.conf, the daemon commands were simple, and I never had problems booting.


Comment Re:Electric Joule Heating (Score 1) 639

The primitive equations which are used to model atmospheric flows basically ignore charge change phenomena.

Lol, this is crank science ... do me a favor 1) write navier stokes equations in energy form 2) add joule heating term 3) do order of mangitude analysis under liberal and conservative assumptions. 4) discard joule heating after realizing its negligible by about by 5 orders of magnitude. Or look up all the papers in the 1950s and 1960s that published on this. Yeah thanks for playing, you idiot clown.

Oh for mod points... I never have the bloody things when I want to rate something informative. However, there's no need to call him/her an idiot clown.

Comment Re: Talk is cheap. (Score 2) 266

Pretty sure there isn't a "whole market just waiting for" Nerf Deathmatch.

Actually, there very probably is. Deathmatch without the completely-unnecassary-anyway blood splatters. Fun weapons that cover you in goo, or shrink you to a tiny size, or whatever. Stuff you can play with your kids without the whole simulated murder thing going on. And yes I know we should all be outside climbing trees and/or inside singing songs around the piano, but video games can be quite fun.

There are lots of Nerf Deathmatch games. One I remember in particular, was based on the Unreal 1 engine Nerf Arena Blast. It came out around the same time as UT so it felt very similar. There are plenty of gameplay videos on youtube.

I had fun with the demo back in the day

Comment Re:Seriously? IDIOTS (Score 1) 154

Physics is just a block on an inclined plane and variations.

Stop talking shite. You obviously don't know what you're talking about, all disciplines of science are difficult and complex. If I so wished I could be just as dismissive and say chemistry is just dirty, poorly explained physics (as some physicists up their own arses think). The boundary between physics, material science, and chemistry is very blurred. We use many of the same techniques, just with different approaches, language, and mathematical models. What the chemist is interested in the physicist doesn't care about, and vice versa.

I have worked in physics, material science, and electrochemical labs over the last 10 years (hint, that's not as a student). It's typical of organic chemists to have a poor grasp of physics.

Comment Re:Arch Linux switched to systemd (Score 1) 152

burning mod points for this...

The problem with Arch is that it got too popular, and the forums got overrun by people who wanted to be spoon fed. The devs got sick of being friendly and nice to people, and the more ignorant of the newbies who stuck around turned into something like Gentoo ricers (note: I like Gentoo, and it's users, some very knowledgeable people on the mailing lists and forums). These days the Arch forums can get pretty hostile if you criticise Arch in any way, but it's because of the barrage of stupid posts the moderators had to deal with.

The devs do make one good point though, if users don't want to use systemd there needs to be a working alternative. A few Archers tried to do this, but it mostly ended up as talk, and descended into a flamewar.

rc.conf and the BSD style init* were two of the many things that attracted me to Arch, I don't like it's current direction, or dumping the install scripts, but there's nothing else that has the same configurability in a binary distribution, coupled with the AUR that interests me.

*I started on FreeBSD in 2001 and SuSE 8 shortly after. I've been using Arch on my computers since 2007.

Comment Useful while using laptops near high field magnets (Score 2) 64

I used to use the magnetometer in my HTC Legend to measure the field outside a 5 T superconducting magnet. Of course I had proper magnetometers in the lab, but it was convenient being able to use my phone.
Some of the relays in a device I used were very sensitive to magnetic fields, plus I didn't the HD in my laptop to get screwed up. It was linear up to +/- 2 mT which was enough for a solenoid type superconducting magnet (i.e. the normal kind), and it allowed me move my devices closer to the magnet, and shorten my cables.

Very useful indeed.

Comment Re:Khan was coming for an anti-US fundraiser (Score 1) 560

And get your head out of your ass, there is no need for such arrogant pomposity, it does you no favours.

I apologize. But if you can believe me, I honestly didn't mean it as bad as it seems in hindsight nor did I mean to target it to you - I used word "someone" to try and make it noticable, but that too, in hindsight, doesn't look that good. Finally I meant it with a grain of humor - obviously I failed, the end part was out of line and I sincerely apologize for it.

As for rest, drinking, flip flopping, etc. - I hear what you are saying, but I know too little of these things you mention and am left wondering if it's more of flip flopping or is he simply a changed man?

Sorry for my harsh reply, tone is always difficult to judge in text.

He could be a changed man, I can respect someone who can change their mind in the face of contrary evidence [appropriate given our little conversation and misreading of each other :) ]. I went from liking him years ago, to very seriously doubting him, and now I'm back to being very unsure of what is true about him.

Comment Re:Khan was coming for an anti-US fundraiser (Score 1) 560

Yeah, why don't you read his actual words (instead of 2 tiny quotes twisted into something he did not say)? Here:

As I said before, he is a do-gooder opportunist. He speaks of secularism to the Pakistani middle class and pro-Taliban views to the mullahs, and it is the same with many other policy areas. He used to be famous in the 80s as a playboy, now he presents himself as a sober Muslim, similar to how you will find no reference to Jinnah, the first Governor-General's, drinking of alcohol as it is un-Islamic. To some he is a man of contradictions, to others he is a hypocrite. I agree with his stance on drones and the damage to the local economy in the borderlands. What I don't agree with is his flip flopping and choosing to speak of out both sides of his mouth.

Personally I was impressed - anyway, whether you disagree or agree with him you can't deny that he does not justify violent and criminal actions of Taliban. Oh, wait... I take it back, I'm sure someone can deny that - I've seen more astonishing blindness. ...and then it might be a bit complex for some people just wishing for simplified view on world and people to judge them :)

And get your head out of your ass, there is no need for such arrogant pomposity, it does you no favours.

Comment Re:Khan was coming for an anti-US fundraiser (Score 1) 560

Sadly he seems to be more of an opportunist than idealist. He preaches secularism to the Pakistani middle class and pro-Taliban views to the mullahs, and it is the same with many other policy areas. He used to be famous in the 80s as a playboy, now he presents himself as a sober Muslim, similar to how you will find no reference to Jinnah, the first Governor-General's, drinking of alcohol as it is un-Islamic.

Comment Re:It is nice to see... (Score 1) 67

When I launch KDE I have many reactions. First that it looks full featured at a glance, and modern even if the blue colors, fonts, icons whatever seem over the top. Oh my god, it's full of animations! Stop playing with my eyesight so much. Desktop items display big controls buttons whenever I mouse over them including "X". Ugh, I'd have to lock that feature out. A tabbed menu with four random categories! it shows a handful of programs at the time! Right. I only need to find firefox, the terminal and log out anyway. Even then this start menu wastes space and is starving for it at the same time. The KDE3 start menu was brilliant when I used it a couple of times in 2004, possibly the best start menu ever. Back then the UI really looked like a windows clone, but better looking and more powerful.

So, right from the start I have to fix at least four or five things, and didn't bother hunting for settings dialogs or a KDE control panel, because of the unfriendly start menu. So I'm back to LXDE which is an actual Windows clone (a sort of Xfce but without the control panel, easier to use taskbar and lighter).

The whole thing is probably very nice but throws too much crap at you, and is so complex it feels like learning a whole new OS. and I know there are at least two weird databases to disable, thanks to reading slashdot rants over the years.

You make some good points, KDE does look a bit too plastic, but the "control panel" is one of the first options in the start menu. You don't have to go hunting for it, and it's also very easy to turn the start menu back to classic 3.5 style. In my defence, I use Openbox on my netbook, Awesome on my laptop, and KDE on my desktop so I've no particular attachments to KDE.

Comment Re:Arch Linux (Score 1) 242

Ah yes, Arch Linux, the operating system where people brag about their superiority even though it comes down to copy/pasting commands from a wiki without understanding what the hell they even do. Who woulda thunk that the first published book is just a copy/paste of other people's work?

Sadly you're right. I moved to Arch from FreeBSD four years ago and I was amazed at the amount of clueless arrogant fanboys which diluted the signal-to-noise of the people who know what they're talking about. Don't get me wrong, I love Arch and I still use it over any other distro on my personally owned PCs, but you're right that some of the community are idiots, especially the zealous, newish members who can't take any criticism of Arch.

Comment Re:Unveiled Too Soon (Score 1) 151

... then he would have ported Half-Life to something other than PS2 (and only after the Dreamcast - Microsoft's console - became an apparent failure...

Irrelevant, the Dreamcast was Sega's console not MS, and they stopped making it two years before HL2 was released. What were the other console options at the time? An under-powered Gamecube or Wii? Remember, HL2 struggled on the original Xbox, porting it to the Wii would have been silly, and now you can get HL2 on the Xbox360 and PS3.

... Newell's last minute support of OS X and Linux reeks of desperation....

You need to decrease the hyperbole, they had a Mac OS 9 port of HL1 that was never released. Obviously they realised that there was no profit to be made in it. Likewise it's only since OS X has grown in popularity that is it worth their effort to port HL2 to it. It doesn't sound like an act of desperation, rather a smart move to gain some extra customers, or old ones with shiny new macs.

... Linux geeks are the ideal market for Valve products,...

Linux geeks are not the ideal market to Valve, we're too small compared to the main Windows market and most of us dual boot or use Wine where we can. Carmack could never make money out of us, but I am hoping that Valve can.

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