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Comment Re:Reverse Review of Poster of Review (Score 1) 248

with no ability to sort by number of stars (or other useful filters). .

Are we talking about the same You traverse to 'Customer Reviews', click on "1-star", and there they all are. I usually have done my homework, so, when I want something, a source, of reviews that are not favorable, is nice to have. I can weight the 1-star reviews against my previous information. Usually, the "I'll never by a ... again" are dismissed outright (too comical). But a deluge of 1 and 2 stars is an adequate indicator of crap. Especially @ Newegg,

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 1135

Working as a security guard at Giants stadium, I watched a 30yo man stick 8 beers in his 5yo child's parka, about 5 parking rows away from the entrance gate. I let them in and then took the beer out of the parka and threw it away. This is the type that would get drunk, harass others, and then get thrown out. The funny thing is when I mentioned it to my supervisor, he told me I could have had the guy arrested for giving alcohol to a minor. What bat shit crazy things some people will do for alcohol, others will do for their religion. There has to be a better way than full body scanners, though. Maybe use them on suspicious people, oh, that profiling thingy.

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