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Comment Still at it it at 56. (Score 1) 376

Started IT when I was 28 with just a high school education. Taught myself how to code. Now I am 56 and I am still coding. My current position allows a great deal of freedom on how I implement a solution and the IT department has been ordered by senior management to help me. I work directly for the end users and I know their business very well.

Comment Re:I find this hard to believe.. (Score 1) 221

... when our government frequently tries neuter science in the name of their own personal beliefs:

Our prime misiter is a bat shit crazy fundementalist Christian, a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He has done a pretty good job keeping his craziness to himself. He did bring up Canada's legalization of gay marriage as an open vote in parliment. The law stood and that was it. He has set out little feelers to see if he can make abortion illegal. I think he realizes he would never get re-elected if he really tried.

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