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Submission + - Is it normal for so many USAF people to die? (

An anonymous reader writes: Dangerous Time To Be Based at Minot, Apparently is a summary of the recent deaths connected directly or indirectly to Minot Air Force Base and the now-infamous B-52 flight that ferried five (or was it six) live nuclear missiles across the USA. Yah, yah, so everybody is going on and on and on about this damn thing and the conspiracy theorists are really working themselves into a frenzy but this blog has added slashdotability because it links to some truly incredibly "connect the dots" conspiracy theories that even include hacking and cyberwar. And that's not all! If you act now, we'll throw in an explanation of how the disappearance of Steve Fossett is part of the New World Order's evil master plan, mur ha ha ha! Seriously, though. If this ain't true then I DEMAND an incredibly movie out of Hollywood off the back of this stuff.

Feed Engadget: Is AMD readying three-core processors? (

Filed under: Desktops

According to reports that have been slowly making their way through the chip manufacturing community, everyone's favorite underdog, AMD, is planning on launching a new line of three-core processors sometime in the near future. Sure, it sounds weird, but apparently the technique for creating a triple-core CPU is akin to "switching off" one core in a four-sided chip, and the process can yield significant speed enhancements while keeping costs reasonable. Reports speculate that the three-core model could happen partially due to the need to salvage bad four-core chips, but also because the triple-core concept is easy to market, and resistance from Intel will be low. Word on the street is that the new chips will appear on the consumer side to begin with, and might migrate over to the enterprise / server domain if there's sufficient movement on sales. Browse on over to the read link and feast your eyes on a succulent sea of technical mumbo-jumbo.

[Via Techmeme]

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Undergrad-built Robots Play "Operation" 33

jnakane writes "UBC Engineering Physics students pit prototype operation robots against each other for prizes and bragging rights in the 7th Annual Robot Competition. Offering solutions to handle delicate body parts on a 6-foot long version of the playing surface resembling the board game "Operation" (including the "shock" buzzer), the second-year students designed and built autonomous surgical robots to remove body organs reliably and quickly (well, most of the time). You can also see video footage."

Submission + - Media Defender internal emails leaked to Torrent

thefickler writes: Media Defender, a company which offers services to snuff out copyright infringement, has just suffered probably one of the largest blows that any company would have to endure; nearly 700MB of internal emails, spanning 9 months, have been leaked to the Internet. The e-mails are available as, ironically, a Torrent file, the same network that Media Defender tries to infect on a daily basis. A group known as MediaDefender-Defenders posted the file early Saturday morning; though, we know that MediaDefender-Defenders didn't exist prior to uploading this torrent.
The Internet

Creationists Silence Critics with DMCA 585

Gothmog of A writes "As Richard Dawkins' offcial site reports, an organization called Creation Science Evangelism Ministries has been submitting DMCA copyright requests to YouTube. This has resulted in the Rational Response Squad (RRS) being banned after they protested against videos being taken down and accounts being closed. The RRS videoes attack creationism (AKA intelligent design) and promote the atheist viewpoint. According to the RRS, the copyright requests are without merit since the material in question is covered by fair use or has been declared to be in the public domain. Behind Creation Science Evangelism Ministries is the infamous Kent Hovind (AKA Dr. Dino) who is currently serving jail time for tax evasion."

Feed Engadget: Sony plans to sell PS3 chip production facilities to Toshiba (

Filed under: Gaming

Sony may be planning to sell its chip production facilities to Toshiba for $865 million, if reports by the AP and Reuters are to be believed. The production facilities will include the lines that manufacture the PlayStation 3's Cell chip, and may or may not include the manufacturing of image sensors, depending on whether you believe Reuters or the AP's report. After the sale, Sony will probably continue to purchase chips from the facilities, with the company's game unit possibly also taking a stake in exchange for some kind of operational control. The deal isn't expected to go down for a few months yet, so even if there any problems in the handover, the PS3's production shouldn't see any short term issues. Sony and Toshiba have already responded to these reports, but managed to neither confirm nor deny their veracity to Japanese publication ITMedia.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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Read - Toshiba / Sony neither confirm or deny the news (ITMedia)

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!


Submission + - The Semantic Indexing Project (SEO) (

blue234 writes: During the past five years, a team of linguists and computer scientists at NITLE and Middlebury College has developed a prototype Semantic Engine. This prototype was designed to address the universal problem of accessing and organizing large amounts of unstructured digital text. Using mathematical algorithms to index the latent semantic content of documents, the prototype engine has been demonstrated to drastically reduce, if not eliminate, the need for expensive and time-consuming metadata tagging, and to produce results superior to keyword searches in limited test domains.

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