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Comment who runs the porn industry? (Score 0) 430

try this, do a google search and simply type in the words "who runs the porn industry". now, did you happen to notice who is overwhelmingly credited here? if these jews are so concerned about "the potential problems that can stem from access to pornography" then maybe they need to stop flooding the market with their own filth. unfortunately that would mean an impact on many of their bank accounts and when it comes to a choice between money and loyalty to God take a wild guess as to whos taking a big ol back seat.

Comment why not promise everyone a pony too? (Score 1) 602

seriously, he's actually just saying ANYTHING here. if you actually believe newt would make any improvements to our space program you really should also expect to get a free pony when he's president too. (ahem, did i say when? let's hope we're all smarter than that. Ron Paul 2012 please.)

Comment Let the old fatcats die already please... (Score 1) 100

Oh so sad for the RIAA, the days are long gone for when they were able to rip you off for $15 on a cassette or CD by putting one or two of the best tracks on the radio or TV, and then after getting the whole album home for a listen you discovered the rest of album completely SUCKED! Also, there used to be no way to be able to hear anything from any other musicians out there who weren't actively being promoted by a label, and without major label backing there really was no chance of success, so we can thank the freedom of the internet for the success of a great many musicians who would have otherwise never had the opportunity to be heard by a wider audience.

Bottom line here is the RIAA and MPAA simply don't like you to be able to judge the worth of their product before them having your money in hand. The current environment of the internet independently allows artists to thrive equally, succeeding only upon an earned reputation for talent and not from a record companies promotion, which really is the point of what we're trying to get to, isn't it? SOPA and PIPA are the fruits of old greedy record company and movie execs who are trying to maintain their parasitic position over the true talent. It's been proven that the people will fairly compensate artists for a respectable product (see Radiohead, Louis CK), therefore, would it be such a bad thing if the RIAA and MPAA were forced to eat the crap they produce? and what do we have to lose? A future with less lady gagas, biebers and meet the focker movies would be just fine with me.

Consider, how else are the crooks controlling the american media (TV and newspaper) going to be able to maintain their control over public opinion when americans are able to speak and assemble freely via an unregulated internet? Free speech is terrifying to tyrants, and this (shamefully) is the true underlying force behind SOPA and PIPA.

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