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Comment Stinks like a protection scam... (Score 4, Interesting) 356

That's some nice advertising you've got there... It'd be a shame if someone decided to block it...

But seriously, okay... you pay off ABP. A large group of users migrate to another ad-block tool... that tool's creator demands protection money... and so on. That, to me, is why it sounds so scummy -- because ABP can only promise not to block for it's own user-base. It's literally, "hey, give us a cut of your ad-revenue or we'll give a free app to people to prevent you from serving ads."

Does this policy undermine their "acceptable ads" option? i.e. ads are now acceptable if they meet a certain technical criteria or the provider has paid protection money?


Comment Re:Not saying I disagree with Torvalds (Score 1) 576

You're right;

In private companies, Linus would come off as a total asshole...

In my comment, I tried to make a joke where I left off some grammar and... well... people did pounce...

It's the same thing in software... people will pounce...

I've always been scared, and I'm at a very senior level now, that if I didn't deliver then my boss would pounce...

And then I learned that my bosses have always been on my side... and that they *need* me to produce good shit... since that realization, I haven't been afraid, and I want n00bs to understand the same thing... if they need coddling, well... sorry, I've forgotten how to do that.

Comment Re:Not saying I disagree with Torvalds (Score 4, Insightful) 576

Why? Because you're a delicate little flower with easily offended sensibilities?
I've worked for all types, and with all types. A little bit of "colorful" language doesn't bother me, and in many cases I'd prefer someone who can come to me and say "Hey, you fucked up, this is a pile of shit" than someone who smiles, gives me calm reassurances about my efforts, and then drives a knife into my back.
Yes, sometimes he goes a bit over the top. But in many cases, it's more a matter of the receiving party needing to grow a thicker skin.


In my career, my skills in direct proportion to the speed at which I was criticized multiplied by directness and the skill of the other party.

As a lead, I really struggle with the special little snowflakes that need to be told how great of a job they're doing and how much they are appreciated and ... makes me want to vomit. I make sure that they either don't last long or learn to break their emotional attachment to "their" code.

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