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Comment Re:Contract negotiation... (Score 4, Funny) 316

Our poor protagonist spends a lifetime acquiring wealth and power, finally wedding his beloved, and loses it because he didn't respect it. He then finds a group of new friends and sets out on a journey to find some kind of important thing and, along the way, fights many obstacles in order to protect that thing. Among them is a funny man who goes through comedic development and bumbles along with them, only to finally reveal that he only came with them for some initially misunderstood or accidental reason. The journey takes them to a strange foreign land, where they discover many new things, and they return with these new experiences. One of the newly found best friends dies along the way in a suitably tragic way, but is reborn as a wise and more powerful friend. They all face off against a final monster that tests everything they've experienced along the way. Finally, our protagonist reuintes with his wealh, power, and wife, and promises he will never give her up, will never let her down, and will never run around or desert her. And they all live happily ever after; except for the onces that don't.

Comment More than meets the URL (Score 1) 241

All it takes is a quick glance at the URL in question to see that. It's very much a stock ISO of an old Ubuntu release.

Eh... no.

The URL could have been: hxxp://sketchy-torrent-site.tld/wiki/FOIA-Hillary%20Clinton%20Does%20Trump.real-legit.torrent.html and have pointed to a torrent that was really a copy of some Transformers movie or whatever. URLs are only meaningful to humans and can be deceptive or -- pinky to lip -- more than meets the eye.

So, I don't see anything really extra chilling about this. It's not an official mirror that got dinged here, people. Sheeh; OP is dumb and this is not newsworthy.

Comment Stinks like a protection scam... (Score 4, Interesting) 356

That's some nice advertising you've got there... It'd be a shame if someone decided to block it...

But seriously, okay... you pay off ABP. A large group of users migrate to another ad-block tool... that tool's creator demands protection money... and so on. That, to me, is why it sounds so scummy -- because ABP can only promise not to block for it's own user-base. It's literally, "hey, give us a cut of your ad-revenue or we'll give a free app to people to prevent you from serving ads."

Does this policy undermine their "acceptable ads" option? i.e. ads are now acceptable if they meet a certain technical criteria or the provider has paid protection money?


Comment Re:Not saying I disagree with Torvalds (Score 1) 576

You're right;

In private companies, Linus would come off as a total asshole...

In my comment, I tried to make a joke where I left off some grammar and... well... people did pounce...

It's the same thing in software... people will pounce...

I've always been scared, and I'm at a very senior level now, that if I didn't deliver then my boss would pounce...

And then I learned that my bosses have always been on my side... and that they *need* me to produce good shit... since that realization, I haven't been afraid, and I want n00bs to understand the same thing... if they need coddling, well... sorry, I've forgotten how to do that.

Comment Re:Not saying I disagree with Torvalds (Score 4, Insightful) 576

Why? Because you're a delicate little flower with easily offended sensibilities?
I've worked for all types, and with all types. A little bit of "colorful" language doesn't bother me, and in many cases I'd prefer someone who can come to me and say "Hey, you fucked up, this is a pile of shit" than someone who smiles, gives me calm reassurances about my efforts, and then drives a knife into my back.
Yes, sometimes he goes a bit over the top. But in many cases, it's more a matter of the receiving party needing to grow a thicker skin.


In my career, my skills in direct proportion to the speed at which I was criticized multiplied by directness and the skill of the other party.

As a lead, I really struggle with the special little snowflakes that need to be told how great of a job they're doing and how much they are appreciated and ... makes me want to vomit. I make sure that they either don't last long or learn to break their emotional attachment to "their" code.

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