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Comment Re:Fuck Twitter appeasement (Score 1) 470

Geez. Why the hell don't they have a "only see tweets from verified accounts" checkbox?

Then bans would actually stick and no one would have to worry about anonymous accounts. The targets don't have to receive death/rape/etc threats from anyone who isn't verified and if someone does some real bad shit, they have verified identification to punish the real people who do this shit.

Comment Re:The paradox of tolerance [Re:Poor Nazis] (Score 1) 978

Rape and death threats are not ideas.

I even believe that people should be able to espouse those views. However, people should also have the right to not listen/read them.

Ultimately, I feel that's the issue. There are a number of cowards out there who refuse to stand by their hate speech and hide behind anonymity. If twitter would only include a "only receive tweets from verified accounts" that would help a lot because then any verified account that you blocked would remain blocked and trolls wouldn't be able to create anonymous accounts with which to harass since anonymous tweets would not be seen.

Comment The wrong argument (Score 1) 1023

I understand that this is a CEO's argument against a $15 minimum wage... but isn't it more of an argument that the price of the robot is too high?

When the price of the robot drops (as technology inevitably will), it won't matter how much you pay your employees... in terms of pure cash, the employees will be replaced regardless.

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