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Comment Re:Banning children of uneducated parent from scho (Score 1) 281

It is most certainly adequate. There are ways of testing to see if a patient has immunity. For instance, if a patient had measles and has immunity, they should not be required to again get the vaccine. I recently had a immunity test to see if I needed boosters. I did not have immunity to chicken pox (since I've never had then nor was I vaccinated against them). I got a ditheria and pertussis booster because my immunity had waned a bit.

The importance is not the vaccines, but the immunity, which can be received from many sources (I knew I hadn't had it, but the doctor wanted to test me anyway in case I got it from somewhere). As I stated earlier, it's very easy to test for immunity, it's just easier to get the shot.

Comment Re:The ultimate pollinator robot (Score 1) 130

There is a middle ground between creating a product that people want/need and "exploiting society"... I believe that in SOME situations (and this may be one of them) this kind of behaviour is indeed exploitation.

An extreme example would be if a water company started poisoning the water supply so that they could sell their bottled water. And while I understand that companies are not intentionally killing bees, it doesn't seem like they have any interest in stopping it.

Going back to the water example, if Nestle were poisoning the water so that they could sell bottled water, that would be evil/exploitation, but if Dow Chemical were the ones doing the poisoning and it just happened to help Nestle's bottom line, that would benefit the free market, yes?

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1, Informative) 899

According to wikipedia (with five citations):

"White nationalist Richard Spencer coined the term in 2010 to define a movement centered on white nationalism, and has been accused of doing so to whitewash overt racism, white supremacism, and neo-Nazism"
- (second sentence)

I feel like people on the right adopted it as a reaction to Clinton's speech without fully understanding the history of the term. They probably felt that anything that Clinton was against, they wanted to be a part of.

I could be wrong though. Can you cite your claim that "It was originally used as shortcut the the full term "alternative right" and described various groups that were did not want to be associated with the main right group."?

Comment Re:Paging Dr. Faustus (Score 2) 481

I wasn't necessarily saying that there will be a civil war. I was indicating that mass migration (for whatever reasons) could have unforeseen circumstances and then using the example of the (probable) climate related droughts causing migration of rural syrians into the cities.

Also, if I'm following the thread correctly, the argument is being made that coastal, urban areas that may be threaten by sea-level would be moving to more rural, in land areas. I don't have no idea what that would cause.

Comment Re:Paging Dr. Faustus (Score 2) 481

Interesting you should talk about people moving. Migration from farming areas to cities seems to be the largest factor in the Syrian Civil War. The farm communities moved to the cities because of drought. There are many that link the severity of the droughts to climate change.

I assume that when you say "we don't exactly have a shortage of land..." you assume that people who have to move will move to empty areas.

Comment Re:Fuck Twitter appeasement (Score 1) 470

Geez. Why the hell don't they have a "only see tweets from verified accounts" checkbox?

Then bans would actually stick and no one would have to worry about anonymous accounts. The targets don't have to receive death/rape/etc threats from anyone who isn't verified and if someone does some real bad shit, they have verified identification to punish the real people who do this shit.

Comment Re:The paradox of tolerance [Re:Poor Nazis] (Score 1) 978

Rape and death threats are not ideas.

I even believe that people should be able to espouse those views. However, people should also have the right to not listen/read them.

Ultimately, I feel that's the issue. There are a number of cowards out there who refuse to stand by their hate speech and hide behind anonymity. If twitter would only include a "only receive tweets from verified accounts" that would help a lot because then any verified account that you blocked would remain blocked and trolls wouldn't be able to create anonymous accounts with which to harass since anonymous tweets would not be seen.

Comment The wrong argument (Score 1) 1023

I understand that this is a CEO's argument against a $15 minimum wage... but isn't it more of an argument that the price of the robot is too high?

When the price of the robot drops (as technology inevitably will), it won't matter how much you pay your employees... in terms of pure cash, the employees will be replaced regardless.

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