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Submission + - Ars Technica and Cisco Provide Another Example of Bad Security Reporting

wjcofkc writes: It was recently reported by Cisco, Ars Technica, and reported on Slashdot that Linux based web servers running the 2.6 series were being attacked and infected with Javascript intended to allow attackers to serve up a variety of malicious content to the visitor. White Fir Design begs to differ, pointing out that the websites are not even all running Linux, much less the Linux 2.6 Kernel.

Comment Re:Interesting! (Score 1) 143

Correct. Provided the Aircraft has had EMI testing done, using WiFi isn't a hazard. Using your cellular radio is a waste of time, as you just drain the battery above about 10,000', but WiFi and Bluetooth work nicely. It's the same reason some airlines (I'm looking at you, Air Canada) now only allow earbud headphones connected to their IFE system during taxi/takeoff/landing. It's so they can get your attention if 'shut goes wrong'.

Comment Re:Not shocking. (Score 1) 337

Look at the downside. Even the phones on planes tend to use ground towers because of cost.

Actually, most of the phones on planes use Satellites, since, well, there's no ground stations when you're flying over the ocean :) Aircell is the exception, but that only works over the continental US, and IIRC you need to be > 10,000 ft above ground.

Comment Re:Try a VM setup. (Score 1) 395

I have exactly the same setup - personal MacBook Pro, running an official company sanctioned (and licensed) Windows XP image from the IT Dept. Works quite nicely. The image is backed up to Time Machine, so when I travel for personal reasons, I simply delete it and restore it when I come home.

It could get ugly legally, but with a decent lawyer you should be able to prove the logical separation, and let whomever needs it take the copy of the VM and do whatever they want with it while keeping your personal stuff intact and private. I wouldn't be surprised if this starts to become the norm in the tech industry, as it solves lots of problems for employees who frequently cross the work/home/life balance.

Note that I primarily work from home, which makes things a bit simpler.

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