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"Worked at SCO" may not be a liability afterall.  *Tuesday December 30, 2003 @03:57PM 12 0, Troll
   attached to Getting Over the Stigma of a Previous Job?
Small Retributions  *Wednesday August 20, 2003 @07:42AM 11 5, Insightful
   attached to SCO Prepares To Sue Linux End Users
Wolf in Giraffes Clothing  *Wednesday August 20, 2003 @07:07AM 1 2, Informative
   attached to Zalman TNN 500A - Complete Heatpipe Cooled Case
DRM  *Wednesday August 20, 2003 @01:39AM 5 1, Interesting
   attached to Worm vs. Worm Battle Slows Networks
Ridiculous  *Monday August 18, 2003 @08:05PM 13 0, Troll
   attached to Spammer Ducks For Cover
Disturbing  *Saturday August 16, 2003 @02:49AM 2 4, Interesting
   attached to Qt/Mac KDE Call for Help
Dissatisfied with Red Hat? Try Gentoo.  *Friday August 15, 2003 @07:31PM 5 3, Interesting
   attached to The Increasing Cost of Red Hat Linux?
Should NOT be advertised on slashdot  *Thursday August 14, 2003 @12:02AM 9 -1, Troll
   attached to Renegade Reverse Engineering - John Woo Style
Obligatory Moore's Law post  *Wednesday August 13, 2003 @08:10PM 3 2, Interesting
   attached to Computer Expectations of Today, and a Decade Hence?
Unbelievable  *Tuesday August 12, 2003 @10:17PM 1 1
   attached to Windows Virus Takes Out Gov't Agencies in MD, PA
Doesn't mean anything.  *Tuesday August 12, 2003 @03:48PM 1 1
   attached to SCO Execs Dumping Stock
Redundant  *Tuesday August 12, 2003 @03:23PM 4 1, Informative
   attached to Local Area Security Linux 0.4a
IBM?  *Monday August 11, 2003 @05:27PM 1 1
   attached to SCO: Fortune 500 Company Buys License, IBM Retort
Does NOT work in practice  *Monday August 11, 2003 @02:01PM 2 1
   attached to Search Engine Learns From User Feedback
Not to take the metaphor too far but,  *Monday August 11, 2003 @01:09AM 1 0, Offtopic
   attached to Linux Hits the Road
Pure bunk  *Saturday August 09, 2003 @07:12PM  1
   attached to Interview w/Edward Castronova
Math  *Saturday August 09, 2003 @03:12PM  1
   attached to When 54 Mbps isn't 54 Mbps: 802.11g's Real Speed
Optimism  *Saturday August 09, 2003 @02:32PM  1
   attached to Is the SCO Lawsuit a Good Thing for Linux?
Typical  *Tuesday May 06, 2003 @04:17PM 2 0, Offtopic
   attached to 'Pop' Between Tracks In New iPod
Notice how a couple record execs applauded  *Tuesday May 06, 2003 @08:01AM 2 1
   attached to Apple Sells A Million Songs in Debut Week
Somewhat thought provoking  *Tuesday April 29, 2003 @05:19PM 1 1
   attached to If I Had My Own Distro...
Easy, yet unknown  *Tuesday April 29, 2003 @08:17AM 1 2, Informative
   attached to Open Source OS that Uses BIOS for Drive Access?
purple?  *Tuesday April 29, 2003 @08:04AM  -1, Flamebait
   attached to Announcing
Editors?  *Monday April 07, 2003 @01:41PM 3 5, Insightful
   attached to Corporations Getting Into The Open Source Spirit

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