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Comment Re:I know that I'm atypical here... (Score 0) 395

Same here. It's nowhere near as good as The Dark Knight, and I've never been much of a Superman fan. Was good to finally have Wonder Woman on the big screen. Neat battle with Doomsday, but, er, isn't that a bit early in this movie series??? Ham-fisted introduction for The Flash. But it was ok.

Speaking of Wonder Woman...

Think this whinging is bad?

I'm thinking this is an early sign that the Wonder Woman movie is going to be absolutely horrible. Feminists are looking for everything they can to stir up drama in order to justify whatever it is they want to do. So, expect Wonder Woman to be even worse than the Ghostbusters reboot, expect feminists to get on the internet(s) with their army of sock puppets pretending to be assigned males slinging over-the-top vitriol at something that's, well, just another bad movie*, and expect the uproar about it to begin demanding even more freebies for people born to the female gender caste (i.e. violent theft from people assigned the male gender caste).

* You can tell feminism is behind this "internet harassment" that pops up around shit movies like Ghostbusters (and I even gave it as much of a sympathetic review as I could on the red site) because I mean... seriously? I'm supposed to seriously believe that many supposedly assigned males are out there with nothing better to do than shitpost about yet another bad movie??? Says the person typing up this comment.... but come 5 I'd rather be doing something fun like playing an old Freelancer mod.

Comment Re:chip on your shoulder (Score 0) 253

America also seems to have an obsession with toilet habits, particularly those of transgender people.

That's pretty ironic coming from a fucking feminist like you.

You have the gall to complain about bathroom laws after 30 years of anti-trans propaganda about bathroom rape? ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU FUCKING WANTED, ASSHOLE?

You are a goddamned fucking hypocrite.

Comment Re: Doctors hate us... (Score 1) 181

Fuck you. You deserve at least a black eye for all the physical pain I suffered without even knowing I'd been mutilated at birth. And I do remember it being done to me, a memory I was never able to place until I'd learned what had been done to me. Troll or not, fuck you and fuck anybody who agrees with you. All of you need a good black eye.

And I don't even want the damned body part. That's what's even more sick about you assholes. You call sex change surgery "mutilation" MUTILATION! After you had the audacity to VIOLATE MY BODY WHEN I WAS BORN!

Yeah, I'm mad, bro. Come at me. I'll never get the damages that are rightfully owed me in court, so I'll just have to take what you owe me for violating my body out of your hide.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 1) 289

It seems to me that SJWs, if those are who we're talking about (maybe only I am), follow the pattern of Right-Wing Authoritarianism as defined by Altemeyer (The Authoritarians). Most of them are Right-Wing Followers, and they have a select few who are charismatic Right-Wing Leaders.

The leaders are the people who pick odd tweets, blow them out of proportion, and get somebody doxed, fired, and harassed to the point their career is ruined and they may need to change their name if they want to get on with life. Those leaders seem to also really like Patreon. I believe the followers can sometimes be referred to as "goons."

But someone who lived in a country long ruled by Communists and who ardently supported the Communist Party would also be one of my psychological right-wing authoritarians even though we would also say he was a political left-winger. (Altemeyer 9)

It just so happens that their causes (and their particular compartmentalizations and cognitive dissonances) are things that we'd typically think are "leftist" or progressive.

He gives an example of what would be a left-wing authoritarian on the next page but doesn't really expand on how this is different from right-wing authoritarianism.

You could have left-wing authoritarian followers as well, who support a revolutionary leader who wants to overthrow the establishment. I knew a few in the 1970s, Marxist university students who constantly spouted their chosen authorities, Lenin or Trotsky or Chairman Mao. Happily they spent most of their time fighting with each other, as lampooned in Monty Python's Life of Brian where the People's Front of Judea devotes most of its energy to battling, not the Romans, but the Judean People's Front. (Altemeyer 10)

I think the key is their relationship to the establishment. In the 80s, one might have left-wing authoritarians actually warrior-ing for social justice. However, in the 10s, we've found that those causes had become the status quo establishment. So now we have right-wing authoritarian SJWs.

Comment Re:Does DuckDuckGo have something similar? (Score 3, Interesting) 429

Not that I know of. I suspect Google's been disappearing unpleasant facts on their News product for a while now. A number of times last year I went to find an article I knew I had seen on Google News with its own search and wound up empty handed. Using DuckDuckGo, I was easily able to find the article I was looking for.

If somebody can say DuckDuckGo (i.e. Yahoo as sibling pointed out) may be doing this as well, there are other alternatives. StartPage/IxQuick seems to come up often.

If all else fails, I guess we could always go back to the days of the meta-search-engine search engine.

Comment Re:CIA Dr. Who fans (Score 1) 457

Wow, 300+ comments and you're the only person to make the reference. The original weeping angel episode was one of the better episodes too before the show went to shit.

I'm wondering why it's called "weeping angel" now. Eh, then again not like I've never needed to name something and the best I could do was a stupid reference to some show I was enjoying at the moment. On the flip side, at least cache invalidation is an approachable problem....

Comment Re:Who. The. Fuck. Cares? (Score 1) 199

News for nerds: maybe. Typography nerds are still nerds.

Stuff that matters: absolutely not.

If we're going to talk about typography there has to be a better vehicle.

I have a simpler solution. This seems to work for religious mating festivals and also theater. Dress rehearsal. You don't need to use cards for the dress rehearsal that have the real names. Use the previous year's winners.

Comment Re:No, because it FUCKING FAKE NEWS AGAIN (Score 1) 445

Ah, pizzagate.

What the fuck is a pizza-related map handkerchief?

I found lots of handkerchiefs with maps of various places and whatnot. However, this one seems to be close to what we're looking for. We should have wrenbirdarts locked up since that handkerchief clearly proves they're a pedo.

I mean, what the fuck is wrong with you people? You've taken the "loli haet pizza" meme to a new level of stupidity.

Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 1) 151

Y'all are going to have a difficult time getting a nice high off medical marijuana. CBD isn't psychoactive, and the treatments the psychoactive cannabinoids are useful for (depression and anxiety) are still enshrined in law as things that cannabis can't treat.

I have no idea where you dipshits get this notion that they just hand out medical cards.

But whatever. Get butthurt because somebody is getting high somewhere. I hope it keeps you awake at night.

Comment attn editorbots (Score 1) 642

Stop publishing about this bitch. She does not deserve the attention.

I you're that desperate for a woman game developer, I would be happy to give you a referral, but Brianna Wu she is not. The person I would refer to you also does not produce sexualized artwork that is demeaning to women. Only problem with my referral is that she wasn't born with a fucking silver spoon in her mouth.

(No, AC, I don't need you to remind me what Wu's boy name was because I don't care. Her name is Brianna. Get over it!)

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