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Comment Process explorer features (Score 1) 423

As for my feedback, I'd like to see more features from process explorer available. The tool provides _a lot_ for detailed information about a process:
- the tcp/ip connections the process has open.
- the libraries it has loaded
- the environment variables the process has.
- the security context of the process (think selinux)
- the strings the process contains (both image and memory)
- the threads it has open, including their starting point.
- the cpu and memory usage per process.

See https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=127728

Oh and other nice features of it:
- killing an app by pressing delete
- a brief highlight of a row on process creation and destruction.

Could you consider some of these points? It would be yet a reason less to open a terminal, and rival `top` :-)

Comment Re:Some questions (yes rpm, but not bad anymore) (Score 1) 121

1) does it force the use of RPM? Some prefer DEB, or even ebuilds.

Yes, because it produces a openSUSE derivative.

Fortunately, openSUSE also comes with zypper as high level tool. It's quite like apt is a high level tool to dpkg and DEB packages.
For a comparison:

  • rpm -i <-> dpkg -i
  • zypper install <-> apt-get install

Zypper is also just as fast as apt-get. So it may not be that bad after all. :-)

Secondly the openSUSE build service allows you to search for an insane number of packages in community / addon repositories.

Comment Re:Microsoft's excuse for not updating (Score 1) 211

The Linux way isn't perfect either because running applications do not benefit from the update. Such an application will effectively use the old DLL until it is restarted giving a false sense of security. If an affected service is not restarted, then the computer is still at risk.

this is a realy good point, and most people seam to forget that. After running updates, you can use this command to see which processes use old library versions:

lsof | grep inode=

I'd wish linux update tools/applets would check this too...


Submission + - Latest issue of Linux Format magazine (tuxradar.com)

zmdmw52 writes: You can download PDF version of the latest issue (Issue 116, focusing on KDE) of Linux Format magazine from here-http://www.tuxradar.com/content/linux-format-free-download-24-hours-only, for the next 24 hours only.

Comment Re:Strategy fail (Score 1) 828

Just three days ago at FUDCon, I saw someone try to use KGPG on their GNOME desktop. He had localized GNOME in Dutch, and when KGPG pops up...everything was in English

And that's something this distribution could have addressed already. The package manager knows the language setting too.

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