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Comment Re:how much will this cost US (Score 1) 341

Yeah, because we are sure he will be able to get a job that pays enough to pay the couple of million it cost to prosecute him and repay the plaintiff for the damages. This is better for him to serve some time than being in monstrous debt for the rest of his life. He will probably be out in a couple of months anyways.

Comment Re:Paid Vs. Free? (Score 2) 178

Huh? The price for a app doesn't vary from market to market for a single app. Its not like Google or Amazon sets the price the dev does. Its more like people on Android phones don't want to buy, they want free. They are buying a cheaper phone compared to others, they are not looking to pay much for apps either. Piracy is easier on the Android since you can load your own apps not in the market.

Comment Re:5th Amendment (Score 1) 885

If the person is on US soil, then its a federal or local law enforcement issue. The military is barred by federal law from being used on U.S. soil for domestic law enforcement. If it was Canada or Mexico, they would have extradited him to the US and there would have been a trial. You are getting all paranoid trying to rap your head around this issue. He might have been a US citizen, but he join a foreign military/terrorist organization and lead/planned attacks on US citizens and other countries. He did not refute this, so in my mind he is fair game if he gets hit in an air strike again a terrorist safe house. Don't forget that they got a couple other terrorist at the same time.

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