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Comment Re:CSIS (Score 1) 324

CSE[C] (Communications Security Establishment [Canada]) is the Canadian equivalent to NSA and has definitely be around longer than since 2001 though they may have changed their name. CSIS would be more like CIA.

Comment Choices are far from orthogonal (Score 1) 324

While NSA, GCHQ and CSE are all responsible for foreign signals intelligence, the FSB is the Russian equivalent to the FBI while Russia's equivalent to NSA is FAPSI. More reasonable choices should be: NSA (USA), FAPSI (Russia), GCHQ (UK), The Technical Department (PRC), and CSE (Canada).

Comment Re:Orson Scott Card (Score 1) 732

The book _I, Robot_ was a collection of loosely related short stories or a single short. What connection there was between the movie and Asimov's writings were mostly from a single story in that collection, "Little Lost Robot". As far as good or bad, while most tend to agree that "Blade Runner" is a great movie, it has little to do with the novel _Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep_

Comment Re:options are confusing (Score 1) 167

I am not denying that there are far more than 24 time zones, just that the odd balls that are not +/- a whole number of hours, or where that value is more than 12 are not major ones. For example NATO uses letters A-Z (except J) to designate time zones. D is +4 E is +5 and F is +6, but there is no letter for the ones any of the others there is the convention to follow the letter with a "*" to designate half an hour pase i.e. D* is +4:30 and E* is +5:30 and if you really want to get into the weeds a dagger and a double dagger are used for the :15 and :45 versions. Either there is no division between major and minor time zones in which case the term phrase is useless. I guess someone could decide that the definition was base on the number of people who live in them, in which case you could aruge it down to two +5:30 and +8 as they are the only time zones with more than 1 billion residents or up to as many as you like (assuming that Saudi Arabia hasn't officially adopted something other than local solar time as the standard). I guess you could stretch major to include the couple of places that are more than 12 hours ahead of GMT/UT/Z but then you would have something like 27. In any case 24, without making a strange and arbitrary decision about what consititutes a major time zone, is not a good number.

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