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Comment BS (Score 1) 67

I specifically avoid using the News Feed on Facebook because it keeps missing posts from friends. Instead I have a "Following" list with everyone I want on it. It still occasionally misses posts, but it's a lot better than the News Feed. Don't tell me what I want to see, I can skim over the stuff I don't care about - the scroll wheel works very well thankyouverymuch.

Comment Re:Unless you had it's wireless disabled.... (Score 2) 149

In fact, that's exactly what I've done:

* it avoids the ads
* It avoids any chance of Amazon taking away books
* I only buy books that are either non-DRMd or can be made so

The Kindle, however, is the best and most stable ereader I've found, which is why I went back to it. But everything gets onto it only over usb under my control.

Comment As others say, common sense... (Score 1) 622

I've had my GPS lead me on "scenic routes" a few times, and realized it fairly soon, even in an area I was unfamiliar with (a dirt road is not likely an optimal route). Usually I followed it to see where it would go, at least for a while, but if it didn't get back on track before I got bored with it, either backtracked or cut over to where I knew it would get there.

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