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Comment Hobby (Score 1) 1354

Take a hobby you enjoy then find a group/club in your area for your hobby. Look over their calendar and attend one of their events, ideally a new member meet and greet. Talk with the people there about the aforementioned hobby. If the experience was enjoyable, continue attending events hosted by the club, you will learn of many other similar events through them. If it was not enjoyable troubleshot then find a different club and try again taking into account the results of your troubleshooting. This should give you the social experience you are looking for.

Comment Re:bad modding (Score 1) 110

I disagree on your "not resources" for the American revolution. Money is a resource and taxation was the catalyst that lead the the fighting. While it is true that the idea of unfair representation was a significant factor, the ideologies of the two sides are comparable to those found in a dispute over the mining rights to an area. However this really doesn't make a significant difference to the point you are making, it is just a small thing that was bugging me that I felt the need to point out.

Comment Re:Frustration? (Score 1) 442

I agree with you on the existence of dumb questions however I question the wisdom of using repetition as an indicator of the stupidity of the question. In my experience a person asking the same question(s) over and over again is an indicator that the given answer has not been presented in a parseable manner. So when someone asks me a question I have answered for them already I assume that my last answer was counter intuitive to what they were expecting so I try to figure out what they could be hung up and then modify my answer to better explain that aspect. After I do that I rarely get that question again.

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