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Comment Reading from the actual article... (Score 1, Troll) 636

The article indicates the driver was going about 15mph over the speed limit. I'd say that was relatively easy to identify by sight. So what the majority said, which is in fact "given the totality of the circumstances", such an officer's testimony may be held to be credible. If you can show at trial that the officer has borne you a grudge since high school, that may well be another story. And of course it's not in front of a jury - its $50, for crying out loud!

Submission + - FreeBSD 8.0 Released 1

An anonymous reader writes: The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeBSD 8 stable release. Some of the highlights: Xen DomU support, network stack virtualization, stack-smashing protection, TTY layer rewrite, much improved ZFS v13, a new USB stack, multicast updates including IGMPv3, vimage — a new virtualization container, Fedora 10 Linux binary compatibility to run Linux software such as Flash 10 and others, trusted BSD MAC (Mandatory Access Control), and rewritten NFS client/server introducing NFSv4. Inclusion of improved device mmap() extensions will allow the technical implementation of a 64-bit Nvidia display driver for the x86-64 platform. The GNOME desktop environment has been upgraded to 2.26.3, KDE to 4.3.1, and Firefox to 3.5.5.

There is also an in-depth look at the new features and major architectural changes in FreeBSD 8.0, including a screenshot tour, upgrade instructions are posted here.

You can grab the latest version from FreeBSD from the mirrors (main ftp server) or via BitTorrent. Please consider making a donation and help us to spread the word by tweeting and blogging about the drive and release.

KDE Founder Receives Highest German Honor 142

Jiilik Oiolosse writes "KDE founder Matthias Ettrich was decorated today with the German Federal Cross of Merit for his contributions to Free Software. The Federal Cross of Merit is both the most prestigious as well as the only general decoration awarded by the Federal Republic of Germany. It is awarded by the Federal President for outstanding achievements in the political, economic, cultural, and other fields. Matthias was awarded the medal in recognition of his work spurring innovation and spreading knowledge for the common good."

Submission + - Classy heist in Stockholm (

An anonymous reader writes: A Stockholm cash depot was hit by a spectacular helicopter heist this morning in Sweden. A notably planned robbery, involving the police's own helicopter having been sabotaged, the robbers landing their helicopter on the cash depot, using explosives and then fleeing the "bird way" 30 miles before probably switching to a land vehicle. The helicopter has been found, but the robbers haven't. Will we see this story converted to a movie soon? :)

Comment (Score 1) 16

AFAICT, then, you want someone cheap and cheerful. Try - They offer a plan with 'unlimited' disk space (on shared hosting) for $7/month. Of course, they bank on the majority of their customers not using anything like what they could. PGSql, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Python are included in the deal, but they have processes to limit CPU time.

You can host your email through them, or use them as a backup MX.

They seem to me to have rather limited downtime - a guy I work with has only had a period of 3 hours downtime in about 4 months or so.




Submission + - The Cell Phone Empire Strikes Back

Hugh Pickens writes: "Last week David Pogue of the NY Times took the cell phone industry to task for its ridiculously greedy practices such as billing both parties for a call or a text message; doubling text-message rates in two years; earning $850 million a year by making us sit through 15-second instructions on how to leave a message; and milking the handset subsidy system. Now Stefan Constantinescu, the chief executive of Verizon Wireless, has responded to Pogue's column with a rebuttal letter to the publisher of the Times, Arthur Sulzberger Jr. stating that Americans pay ten cents per minutes less than Europeans, that according to Former Vice President Al Gore US wireless companies are the most competitive on the globe, that according to a GAO study 84 percent of American wireless customers are satisfied with their service, and that Verizon wireless is the company with the most rural wireless customers. As Pogue points out in his latest update, Verizon's rebuttal doesn't address a single one of the points he originally made. "It's as though I'd writtten, 'Verizon Wireless is a terrible singer,'" writes Pogue. "and his rebuttal was, 'That's absolutely not true! I speak three languages!'""

Comment (Score 1) 16

Read what they're offering - You're saying 10GB of network transfer, but you're saying actual is 300M. That's actually 0.03 * 0.75 = $0.0225

Read the example above the ratecalc if you don't believe me - They actually charge you per token (KB-minute) for disk and RAM.

Unless you're using the KVM option, you're usually doing OK. For example:

You say 1GB of RAM, but you're very unlikely to have that sort of commit set; they're not charging you for I/O cache, unless you're using the KVM virtualised stuff instead of the vserver based infrastructure. So on a typical Apache2 + PHP + PostgreSQL load, you're probably only up to about 200M - So that's actually more like $5/month.

And what are you saying about 15G of storage at the top - that's loads! But they offer you a bunch of preinstalled software that isn't counted in your disk usage, and above that you are only charged as allocated. You don't have to say in advance "I want 15 GB". If you're just using, say 2GB, then it's actually only $2.62.

Now, here's the bad news: the minimum you're up for is $20/month, so that's how they hit you.



Comment (Score 1) 16

There's also, who are sort of expensive, but do give you pretty good service. They essentially give you your own box on a "shared hosting" model. is pretty decent, but have a somewhat limited understanding of what "DNS" means. As long as you only want A or MX records, you can have whatever you want, but go outside the envelope, and you'll have to get your own DNS provider.

Comment The court gets all of 3 options, right? (Score 5, Interesting) 159

It sounds to me like saying that the defendant doesn't have the option of defending the charge might get it torn up, but I know nothing up French law... I know remarkably little about US law, either, since IANAL.

Since there is no article linked in the summary, how long before someone links one in?


Comment Re:Facts can't be copyrighted. (Score 5, Informative) 378

You may wish to compare copyright schemes - In particular, the EU & AU recognise the so-called "sweat of the brow" right extant in databases, which a timetable would qualify under. Times of football matches also seem to qualify.

The controlling law in Australia is Desktop Marketing Systems Pty Ltd [âoeDtMSâ] v Telstra Corporation Limited [2002] FCAFC 112. At paras 253 & 254:

253 It was not their alphabetical arrangement or their designation as headings that attracted copyright protection to the compilation of headings constituting the Headings Books. Rather, it was the labour of building up the collection (of headings). Desktop appropriated the benefit of all or most of that labour.

254 Accordingly, by parity of reasoning with my reasons for concluding above that Desktop reproduced a substantial part of the White Pages Directories and a substantial part of the Yellow Pages Directories, it also reproduced a substantial part of the Headings Books, and so infringed Telstra's copyright in those Books.

So, under Australian law, you can copyright a compilation of facts.



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