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Comment Re:Everything You Need to Know About Niggers (Score 1) 322

My point is that and what I strongly believe is Jews were in fact slaves in Egypt. Even with that 'assumption' - right now and back then most Jews were/are very educated people. Now it could be because as you believe Jews were not slaves in Egypt - I am not saying you're wrong. I am just saying what I strongly believe and that Jews were slaves in Egypt and look at them now. Now your argument could be; well it was really long time when Jews were slaves Egypt, at least much longer before Africans were slaves in US and therefore the affects haven't passed yet - and that one I strongly believe is true as well.

Comment Re:Mojave Experiment 2.0 (Score 1) 452

7 truly is Vista SP3. And I don't say that in a negative fashion; Vista runs very well on my two desktops and laptop. However, minus the new taskbar (which I think is a massive step forward), there really isn't that much that's new. A little bit faster, a little bit less buggy. In the end, 7 is Mojave Experiment 2.0. Microsoft tried an ad campaign, it failed because people wouldn't get over how "bad Vista is". Microsoft gives it new clothes and a new name- now it's the best version of Windows EVER! In short, Microsoft went back to marketing after the Vista launch floundered and destroyed its reputation (due to a bunch of underpowered computers with poorly written drivers giving the OS a bad reputation).

It boggles my mind that people find Vista unstable. At least for me Vista runs a whole lot better than Windows ME ever ran. I think people forget that it can be worse, much worse. That is also not an excuse to write bad software but looking at the history of OS's - Vista is doing pretty dam well - in my opinion. Nothing past ME has been as horrible as ME ever was. This is an improvement - I think.

Comment Re:From My Simpleton Point of View (Score 1) 535

Ha sorry budy, you will not be appreciated anywhere unless you become higher then a developer. I haven't worked for long but you can do a great job and you can get awards at week one but week two (right after week one) you will be terminated. Makes sense? Not to me! Maybe you can enlighten me.

Comment Re:Difficulty In Using (Score 1) 891

We need to attract some equally-brilliant technical writers to donate time to explain how the stuff works in the real world.

I think a problem is that good technical writers don't have a tendency to donate work in their 'hobby time'.

Very much disagree. Are you expecting people to work outside of the working hours?

Comment Re:Blue screen (Score 1) 147

I very much agree. Your X is froze and user doesn't know how to restart. Another user (his friend perhaps) can ssh into the box and fix it for him (by way of restarting X for him or shutting down the system). I agree that this is a really good design.

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