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Submission + - Bullied Student Records Bullies, Gets Hit With Felony Charges For Violation (techdirt.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Here comes another story highlighting the danger of schools "outsourcing" their disciplinary problems to law enforcement. As we've stated before, this does nothing more than turn routine misconduct into criminal behavior, which is a great way to derail a student's future.

A Pennsylvania teen, who claimed to have been bullied constantly (and ignored by school administration), made an audio recording of his tormentors using a school-supplied iPad. He brought this to the school's attention, which duly responded by calling the cops to have him arrested for violating Pennsylvania's wiretapping law. (h/t to Techdirt reader btr1701)

Maybe the future holds better outcomes, but for right now, everyone involved had a chance to stop this from reaching this illogical conclusion, but no one — from the administrators to their legal team to local law enforcement to the presiding judge — was interested in reining this in. In the end, it looks as though an innate desire to punish someone was satisfied every step of the way.

Comment I'm not surprised. Their product documentation loo (Score 1) 127

...in that the quality is 5hit poor, like a middle school project turned in at the last minute.

Here's an example:
It's the document for their "Universal Firmware Updater"

Want to know what the firmware update does for your specific product. Good luck with that... maybe it's documented on some obscure forum somewhere, but Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

I won't even go into their moronic backup software, referred to, ambiguously, as SmartWare. So, the idea that they are competent to run a cloud based service is suspect at best. engineers should stick to engineering, and leave to internet to imagineers.

Submission + - Please Put OpenSSL Out of Its Misery (acm.org)

CowboyRobot writes: Writing for the ACM, Poul-Henning Kamp claims that "OpenSSL must die, for it will never get any better." The reasons being that OpenSSL has become a dumping ground of un-organized contributions. "We need a well-designed API, as simple as possible to make it hard for people to use it incorrectly. And we need multiple independent quality implementations of that API, so that if one turns out to be crap, people can switch to a better one in a matter of hours."

Comment The hardest skill is knowing when to leave the par (Score 1) 249

Steve became the change. "Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow" While your false messiah is working all his 'miracles' through his foundation, such as, the miracle of the H1B visa increase, and the miracle of the blocky user interface from ten years ago, ours has long since ascended. ...and through his sacrifice allowed others to rise and grow, unlike that old carcass.

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