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Submission + - Debian Fork Devuan Beta Released (unixmen.com)

pirat9 writes: A beta release of the Devuan Linux distro has made it into the world after two years in development. Devuan is a very Debian-ish distro. In fact, it basically is Debian, with one notable absence. Devuan doesn’t use systemd. In fact, that’s its main claim to fame. Devuan was created to offer an alternative to Debian fans who were alienated by the controversial switch to systemd.

Submission + - Google Announces New Virtual Reality Platform, "Daydream"

ErnieKey writes: At Google I/O today, the company announced what they are calling "Google Daydream". This is their upcoming virtual reality platform that takes Google Cardboard several steps further. Daydream is a platform that will provide guidance for both hardware and software developers to create truly immersive Android N compatible VR hardware, games and experiences. The first hardware will be available this Fall. Companies such as HTC, Samsung, Asus and others are working on smartphone handsets and VR headsets that are Daydream compatible. Game developers like EA and Ubisoft are already working on compatible games.

Submission + - Ideas abound for how NASA can conduct the Journey to Mars (examiner.com)

MarkWhittington writes: Just because NASA still does not have a plan or even a series of options of how it intends to send people to Mars does not mean that other people do not have their own ideas. A private company, an Apollo astronaut, and even a science fiction writer has weighed in with their own notions. Lockheed Martin would have people orbiting Mars by 2028. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, thinks NASA is going about going to Mars all wrong and would see the space agency scrap the Orion deep space craft and the heavy-lift Space Launch System and support some kind of private sector effort based on his Mars Cycler concept. Andy Weir, whose novel “The Martian” became a hit movie last year, does not go as far as Aldrin but does see a significant role for the private sector and international partners.

Submission + - The EFF reports on Facebook Phishing Targeting Opposition in Syria (eff.org)

headhntr writes: Recent digital attacks in Syria have escalated culminating in recent phishing attempts using the Facebook page of Burhan Ghalioun, Chairman of the Syrian Opposition Transitional Council. As the EFF reports:

"The campaign of attacks targeting Syrian opposition activists on the Internet continues to intensify. Since the beginning of the year, Syrian opposition activists have been targeted using several Trojans, which covertly install spying software onto the infected computer, as well as phishing attacks which steal YouTube and Facebook login credentials

Since April 9th, EFF has seen at least five new phishing attacks, the aim of which is to steal Facebook logins and passwords; some attacks also involve a component that covertly installs surveillance malware onto the targeted computer. One of these attacks was seeded through links in comments left on the Facebook pages of prominent members of the Syrian opposition, including Burhan Ghalioun, Chairman of the Syrian Opposition Transitional Council. Ghalioun has been the target of numerous hacking attempts. Last week, members of the Syrian Electronic Army leaked emails purporting to demonstrate collaboration between Ghalioun and officials in the United States and Saudi Arabia. Ghalioun's email account was reportedly targeted in retaliation for the Syrian opposition's leak of emails allegedly allegedly belonging to Syrian president Bashar Assad and his wife."


Submission + - A 4000mph Train From D.C. To Beijing In 2 Hrs (singularityhub.com)

kkleiner writes: "Evacuated Tube Transport, or ETT, combines the efficiency of maglev trains, already in use in Europe and Asia, with the efficiency of moving through an airless environment. Not only does ETT lack an engine – and a need for fossil fuel propulsion – but because it can glide along almost indefinitely through the vacuum it takes full advantage of Newton’s age-old “an object in motion stays in motion.” If ETT does see the light of day it is estimated to travel at a top speed of 4,000 mph, fast enough to go from Washington DC to Beijing in just two hours."

Submission + - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS out - Unity gets a second chance (aboutlinux.info)

An anonymous reader writes: So how does Ubuntu Precise Pangolin (12.04) fare ? I will say exceptionally well. Unity is not the same ugly duckling it was made out to be. In Ubuntu 12.04, it has transformed into a beautiful swan. As Ubuntu 12.04 is a long term release, the Ubuntu team has pulled all stops to make sure the user experience is positive.

Ubuntu 12.04 aka Precise Pangolin is definitely worthy of running on your machine.


Submission + - Man offers to legally change name for a ticket to Apple's WWDC (bgr.com)

zacharye writes: Apple announced on Wednesday that its annual Worldwide Developer Conference will take place from June 11th through June 15th this year in San Francisco, California. The company made tickets available at around 8:30 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, and they were sold out within two hours, likely before most West Coast-based developers even woke up. Tickets are not transferable this year and as such, developers who didn’t manage to secure a ticket don’t have many options. One man, however, found a way around Apple’s restrictions...

Intel Breathes New Life Into Pentium 207

angry tapir writes "Intel is giving new life to its Pentium processor for servers, and has started shipping the new Pentium 350 chip for low-end servers. The dual-core processor operates at a clock speed of 1.2GHz and has 3MB of cache. Like many server chips, the Pentium 350 lacks features such as integrated graphics, which are on most of Intel's laptop and desktop processors."

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