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Comment Not always true (Score 4, Insightful) 151

This is for regular apps. Apps that have background mode enabled can run in background and can consume CPU cycles. They can even use GPS, WiFi, LTE etc. That consumes battery. Most of the running or GPS apps run just fine in background. Otherwise they'd just stop recording once the screen locks or, worse, keep the screen on at all times.

Comment Lost some features? (Score 1) 466

How about losing ALL of them? Thanks to the new provider and their antiquated maps whole countries will no longer have any street maps. If you're going to any of the exYU countries don't expect to be able to use Apple's Maps app. Only major roads are supported and, oddly, some landmarks are shown but no streets.

Comment Re:Why did they change the algorithm this year? (Score 1) 210

Mathematically speaking, 1-2-3 has the same probability as 10-30-70 when choosing 3 numbers from a pool of 10k... It's just that humans don't perceive it as random if they can find any pattern... Also, isn't int true that the order in which the applicants were filed was completely random? The only factor was the time of application, and there could've been two or more in the same second so the system scheduler decided which request to process first...

Comment Forget the gravity (Score 1) 542

There is one fundamentally wrong presumption here, and it's the notion that the craft would be sent from Earth. If you could build an orbital station and devise a way to get resources to it then you could assemble and produce spaceships without worrying about gravity, size, aerodynamics etc. Since there is no friction in space once you reach the desired velocity you could just turn off the engines and cruise. Such a ship could not be able to land on a planet but it could remain in orbit and send shuttles for exploration. That ship would become an orbital station which could be used to extend the reach of other ships and so on...

Comment Could this backfire? (Score 1) 617

So, if any of the MS programmers outside of US used a pirated version of any program to work on Windows (not as impossible as it seems. just look at SoundForge) MS should be open to lawsuits. In any case, anyone can sue MS now, and it's on them to prove that they haven't done anything wrong. I know that it's contrary to the notion of being presumed innocent, but it'd have no chance of working the other way round. How would you prove that, for example, a company in China used pirated software if you can't audit them and check? You can't even summon them to court. All they have to say is that they've checked and that there is no pirated software. You can't call their bluff. Bullish as they are, American government can't just send their investigators everywhere they want. It would piss too many people off...

Comment Does it matter? (Score 1) 917

Gay people aren't sick. They just like different things from the majority. It's not something that can be cured. So the app doesn't work. It has never worked. It will never work. It's just a provocation. And they fell for it. I wonder if I write an app that'll cure Indian or Mexican people from eating spicy food, will it get yanked? Will there be a petition against it? Or will everyone just laugh thinking there must be something wrong with me for writing that made me write such an useless app? I understand that gay people have to push their agenda and that's ok, but the other side has a right to have their say too... I don't really care for either of those opinions... We all have our right to free speech...

Comment Re:Redundancy and good planning. (Score 0) 177

I don't mean to rain on your parade but the whole American space program is the work of German Nazi scientists who developed rockets and were scooped up after the war... But you've got to hand it to them when it comes to business... That's one of their biggest strengths.... Scientist can always be bought and imported...

Comment isn't it obviuos (Score 1) 461

I don't see the problem here... Just give tham a fake one... Just lookup one of McDonalds restaurants and use their address, ZIP code and phone number for all such transactions... Or you could even use one of their own stores... Or pick someone you don't like... It's not as if they can ask your for ID... They have to believe anything you say... Furthermore they don't care... If your ZIP checks out as valid I don't think the store employee would care if it's really your ZIP code...

Comment Interesting (Score 2, Insightful) 412

Maybe someone should tell him that it's the GAMEPLAY that matters, not flashy graphics. I never did like Crytek's games because they felt more like tech demos that real games. Also, consoles have one more advantage. If I want to play a game I just stick the disk in and that's it. No worries if my drivers are current, or if my combination of mb+graphics would cause a problem etc. Also it's much cheaper to be a gamer on the consoles. Sure, the games are more expensive but ask yourself how often do you have to upgrade you machine? I did it every 6-12 months and each time i spend around $500 on it (new mb, new graphics and usually a new cpu) just so I could play the latest games with details on max

Comment smart bombs are not that smart (Score 1) 197

During NATO attack on Serbia a lot of decoys were used with surprising efficiency. Some of those were disused tanks with an oven inside them, some were fake air strips (surprising how they couldn't destroy an airport in Batajnica... but they did plow the land around it though), and some were fake radio dishes (they used to mount ordinary radios on top of poles... once the bombs hit it, they just mounted another one)... Also invisible planes are not invisible (proven by the pictures of F-117 which was shot down)... And also those 'smart' bombs managed to hit an entire street in Batajnica (no soldiers there), cover half of Nis with casette bombs, hit a convoy of refugees etc... This just goes to say that reliance on 'smart' weapons is not a good idea... If a blowup tank can fool it (or the operator) why use them?

Comment not a smart backup move (Score 1) 199

This doesn't strike me as a smart backup solution... First, both facilities are in the US... Second thing is that in case one of them gets destroyed due to the terrorist attack, there would be no air travel... Also, what happens if both of them are destroyed? Since they both are in the USA there's no borders to cross which makes planning and coordinating attacks easier... If one one of them were, for example, in Europe or Puerto Rico (in case the US needs to control them both) it would be much harder to coordinate the attacks as the international lines are more heavily monitored and usually there are less legal hurdles to snoop on other countries... Of course if one of them gets destroyed in a terrorist attack this guy from Canada will hardly be able to help since the borders are likely to be closed...

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