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Comment Vibrant economy? (Score 1) 54

Regarding "The country's IT industry is booming in Brazil -- still Latin America's most vibrant economy", I think one can make a better case for Chile.

Brazil's 5-year compound annual growth is 1%, and last year GDP growth was -3.8%. Brazil GDP per capita is $15,615, most recent unemployment was 12%, and inflation is 9%.

Chile's 5-year CAGR is 3.9%, and last year GDP growth was 2.1%. Chile GDP per capita is $23,460, with unemployment 6.8%, and inflation 4.3%.

IT outsourcing is more mature in Brazil than Chile, and Brazil's overall GDP is six times larger than Chile's, yes. But is Brazil's economy really "vibrant"?

Comment loaded question (Score 2) 148

Are remote software teams more productive than what? Than local software teams? That is an impossible question to answer without knowing much more about the teams, isn't it?

OTOH as a person running a software business with different types of teams (I have local, I have remote teams) I can say that as long as there is somebody in the remote team capable of understanding the requirement at the business level and capable of managing the team there shouldn't be any reasons for the remote team to be less productive.

Unfortunately as all things in life this also is not as simple, it is very difficult to ensure that the remote team understands the business really well, so rather than trying to achieve the unachievable you have to give out requirements in short, easier to manage portions and you have to coordinate daily.

Comment Re:Ryan and Rand (Score 0) 382

I am fascinated by all this puke inducing collectivism and more importantly by the arms race between those, who want to steal and those who are stolen from. What is most fascinating is the mental acrobatics required not to see how the collectivist theft is destroying the economy and society, it is very much like the climate change denial, the same processes are at work I think.

Draconian budget cuts - what a fascinating turn of a phrase. Completely political, completely disregarding reality, the opposite of what the government Ilis actually doing, completely missingvthe point, but used as one of those proverbial dog whistles and used fairly successfully at that.

I am utterly fascinated to see what it will look like when the USA (or a large enough European state, or Japan) actually run out of cheap credit, it is a morbid type of curiosity in me, I know it is a train wreck that is very deadly and ugly, but I cannot take my eyes away, it is like a magnet, I want to see how the last century of collectivist policy of theft and destruction of individual freedoms at the hands of th e mob turns back against that very mob. The shitstorm is going to be epic! Fascinating

Comment Re:that's it. the end game. (Score 1) 382

Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's do that, let's just so that. I want to see all of these attempts at stealing from fully automated businesses, I have morbid type of curiosity, which makes me wonder and muse about all the ways that company owners will find and use to get around all this collectivist theft. It is always interesting to observe arms races, this is probably the ultimate arms race: those who want to steal vs those who produce. It is fascinating.

Comment Re:Globalization vs. Protectionism (Score 4, Informative) 202

[This entire post regards the United States]

Uh, 5% unemployment at historically-high labor force participation rates? We're not at peak, but we're above the 59% historical labor force maximum participation rate.

See US Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate which is currently 62.9%, down from a peak of just over 67% 1998-2000, now back to a level reached in mid-1977. It has been flatlined for about 2 years.

But yes, the labor force participation rate is higher than when women worked in the kitchen barefoot & pregnant...

You might be thinking of the Civilian Employment-Population Ratio which is at 59.9%, a level equivalent to Dec. 1984. It has been rising since July, 2011.

Regarding wages, Average Hourly Earnings of Production and Nonsupervisory Employees: Total Private is currently at an all-time high, $21.84/hour.

If you'd like to adjust for hours worked and inflation, and look at a median instead of an average, Employed full time: Median usual weekly real earnings: Wage and salary workers: 16 years and over is also at an all-time high of $348 1982-84 CPI Adjusted Dollars, but frankly that isn't too much higher than $335 in 1979, but above the lowest point of $309 in 1981.

Over the last 10 years, the following costs are up: food, health care, child care, vehicle maintenance, and college is way up. On the other hand these prices have fallen slightly: housing, personal care, clothing, cell phone service, and these are much less expensive: toys, computers, televisions.

Unemployment was 0.1% higher in January 2017 than December 2016--no surprise, there's always that slump.

At least the total number of jobs has been increasing since March, 2010.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 225

If he really wanted to improve US transportation he'd invest in some 200+mph railways that europe and japan have had for decades which have pretty much killed off a lot of short distance air routes.

It is a far longer drive from LA Union Station to SpaceX than LAX to SpaceX...

Comment a quote (Score 0) 186

"A newly discovered essay by Winston Churchill shows that the British statesman gave a lot of thought to the existential question that has inspired years of scientific research and blockbuster movies: are we alone in the University?"

. Well, let me quote the guy:

What is adequacy? Adequacy is no standard at all.

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