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Comment iTunes deleted years of podcasts on me... (Score 2) 214

Several years back, I made the mistake of checking the option on my iPhone to "sync subscriptions" for podcasts. I later deleted a podcast from my phone, as I was all caught up with it and needed the screen real estate to make looking for other podcasts easier. When I next synced with iTunes, it deleted all past episodes I had stored on my Mac -- years worth of the science fiction podcast Escape Pod. No warning, no recycle bin. Gone. And I wasn't backing up audio files via Time Machine because of their size. Hundreds of files gone. I posted on the Apple forums about what a huge hole this was (seriously, deleting hundreds of user files without warning with no undo is a major UX/UI failing). Never any response from Apple. I'm still angry about it. Even if I were to download all those files again (and since they're no longer in the iTunes feed, I would literally have to grab each one from the website, one by one, and then import them into iTunes, which would probably take days of clicking...), I would still have lost the metadata (play dates, counts). Plus there would be considerable bandwidth for both the Escape Pod site and me, in this age of looming data caps...

Comment Podcasts app, anyone? (Score 1) 598

At first, podcasts could be played in the iTunes app -- OK, I like having all my audio in one place. But then the iTunes app was renamed Music, so you can't keep your podcasts in there anymore. But here's a terrible Apple Podcasts app, which if you're not careful when turning on your sync options will delete years' worth of saved podcasts out of your desktop iTunes app with no warning and no recovery options (sucks if you exclude your iTunes library from your Time Machine backups because of sheer size... they're just gone...). And only the Apple Podcasts app will sync your podcasts back to iTunes (sure, there are other podcast apps if you want to sync to the cloud somewhere, but who wants their audio files all over the place?). Sigh...

Comment Warning: Grammar Nazi comment ahead (Score 1) 2219

Sigh. You wrote one headline: "WE HEAR YOU We did tell you we wanted feedback. Here's our response." And you left out a period after the first sentence. Can a "professional" writer (I assume you're being paid for this) at least get punctuation correct? Putting the sentence in ALL CAPS does not relieve you of the responsibility of proper punctuation. It's not edgy or hip or "how all the kids are doing it" -- it's just another sign of lack of attention to detail, a problem evidently permeating the new design.

Comment So how do we stop it? (Score 1) 835

Do I just go down to the local police station and ask them to give up all their cool body armor and to please refrain from raiding unarmed civilians in full gear with automatic weapons drawn? Do I write my congress critter and ask them to quit sending millions of dollars to local police forces (and then be called out by their colleagues for "not being tough on terrorism")? Not to be cynical - I seriously would like some recommendations for a course of action for the average man.

Comment Re:Science vs Religion: Contradictions? (Score 2) 1014

Where do you find a thousand years of modifications? It's my understanding that modern translations have been found to be remarkably similar to the Dead Sea Scroll texts and other ancient copies (meaning very little difference between texts that have been passed down for centuries and ancient texts recently discovered).

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 693

I had a similar experience at work (IT company). I was complaining about how nobody seemed to care about learning new technology, and one of my staff said "most people are not like you. They want to go home at 4:30, plop on the couch, and not worry about this stuff." It struck me that's the difference between a real professional and everyone else --- a professional does want to keep up with technology, does want to learn better ways of doing things, does want to succeed. Many people in white-collar positions (yes, even in the tech industry) have no other desire than to collect a paycheck while doing the least amount of work they can get away with. Maybe that's also the difference between tech-geeks and say, the marketing department.

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