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Comment Re:We're number one! (Score 1) 193

You're wrong. Apple charges $99 per year for a developer's license which allows you to post as many apps to the App Store as you'd like (provided they're approved). Xcode, the IDE, is free. So no, an app doesn't have to make $100 to break even and I'd guess that the $99 price of entry to post as many apps as you'd like wouldn't deter a malware author any more then is discourages the casual developer that provides their app for free.

Comment Re:Experiment then refinement... (Score 2) 363

Who cares if Windows 8 is a dog. Vista was a dog and it led directly to 7. Give some credit to a company that could sit on it's old style of business like IBM in the late 70's, but instead challenges itself with products which can fail and are interesting and different.

Microsoft cares if Windows 8 is a dog. They're betting the farm on this release. They desperately need this to work as a gateway to the mobile space, an area they're hopelessly behind in, and they don't have another couple of years to get it right.

Apple's actually made a number of very significant improvements to OS X over the last 10 years but they also recognized the UI paradigm is fundamentally sound for the desktop space so there's no reason to make radical changes. Of course they also realize that an OS is not a one-size-fits-all product.

Comment Re:Windows 8 and OSx Lion both suck... (Score 1) 630

I'm curious how Lion is similar to a phone/tablet interface (or Windows 8 for that matter)? Sure there's elements that may borrow from or have roots in iOS (the App store, full screen mode, some gestures) but they're all optional. Don't want to use Launchpad? Then don't. Don't like to run apps full screen? Then don't. Have a Mighty Mouse but aren't into gestures? Then turn them off. And if you really want to get as far away from iOS as possible just use the terminal. Better yet run it in full screen mode so all you have is text on the screen. Oh the irony.

Submission + - 10 Tech Products Which Came Too Late

adeelarshad82 writes: There's fashionably late, and then there's tragically late. Plenty of perfectly good technology has perished merely because it was late to the party and ended up coming off as a copycat product. PCMag rounds up ten tech products from Digital Compact Cassette to Netbooks which just didn’t survive the market because of their poor timing. Beware, this is a slideshow.

Comment Re:content (Score 1) 535

I keep hearing this argument whenever the failures of the current 3D wave are discussed. The reality is that 3D has been touted as the next big thing for the last 60 years and it's never amounted to more then a passing fad. Our entertainment overlords have had 6 decades to figure out how to make 3D compelling and more then a gimmick and they've always failed. Unlike color which the studios embraced once they discovered it actually added to the telling of a story, 3D has never amounted to much more then a way to separate the uninitiated from their hard earned cash. Maybe (and this is a big maybe) when it gets to the point where glasses aren't required and there's no additional production costs or viewing premiums it'll catch on but until then I predict once a generation it'll pop up and quickly fade into the background like...well, like a bad 3D effect.

Comment Re:here are the numbers (Score 1) 367

Two things. First, the article you cite is 4 years old. I'm not saying I have better numbers but I'm sure newer numbers are out there and they may tell a different story. Second, I work for a good sized scientific and engineering society which has a number of Apple employees as both authors and conference organizers so your assertion that their "... research output ... is non-existent" is a bit of stretch.

Submission + - Report: NBC wanted a cut of iPod revenue (

mytrip writes: "I will say this: NBC's Jeff Zucker has got serious stones.

According to a report in the venerable entertainment industry trade rag Variety, Zucker, president and CEO of NBC Universal, asked Apple for a cut of iPod revenue as part of the failed negotiations between the two companies over a contract extension for the right to sell NBC's shows on iTunes. (Thanks, Valleywag.) If that's true, wow.

A source familiar with NBC Universal's negotiations confirmed that the company asked for a slice of iPod revenue but only after Apple refused to budge on variable pricing.

"Apple sold millions of dollars worth of hardware off the back of our content and made a lot of money," Zucker reportedly told The New Yorker's Ken Auletta during a benefit for former football powerhouse Syracuse University. "They did not want to share in what they were making off the hardware or allow us to adjust pricing.""


Submission + - NBC Chief, "Apple 'destroyed' music pricing ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: With the most colorful description yet, NBC Universal chief executive Jeff Zucker on Sunday urged colleagues to take a stand against Apple's iTunes, charging that the digital download service was undermining the ability of traditional media companies to set profitable rates for their content online.

"We know that Apple has destroyed the music business — in terms of pricing — and if we don't take control, they'll do the same thing on the video side,"

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