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Comment Be professional (Score 1) 366

Infrastructure, tools, culture.

Infrastructure: continuous build server, that runs unit tests, continuous deployment to staging servers (and eventually live), github, github enterprise (or equivalent)
Tools: depending on what language you are working with - there are many great tools to monitor code quality. Good example would be resharper for c#.
Culture: Get everyone to do pull requests to main repo. No direct committing. Also no merging your own pull requests. Someone else has to do it and while doing it review it. Only give commit access to main repo to trusted people. Give them ability to give commit access to people they trust too. Call people on bullshit code.

Comment Re:What the fuck people (Score 1) 422

If there is a specific behavior that is dangerous to others, or the economy or whatever, just punish that behavior.

That would work with normal people. The problem with psychopaths is that they are not afraid and not deterred by the punishment. From wikipedia (emphasis mine):

Psychopathy is a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear), stress tolerance, lacking empathy, coldheartedness, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity, criminality, antisocial behaviors such as lacking guilt and living a parasitic lifestyle.

Comment Re:It will have a certain cool factor at first (Score 1) 284

I don't think the connector is the issue. Couple of other things that might be harder:
  • Ventilation - it's hard to keep the components cool in airtight space
  • Sound - if microphone and speakers are behind some sort of waterproof stuff then you might sound like you are underwater, even if you aren't
  • Maintenance - sealed things are harder to repair

Besides there already are some waterproof and water resistant smartphones, like sony xperia go and panasonic eluga.

Comment (personal) User Experience (Score 1) 368

I saw a headline and decided to try it out. The website said that if I have a hotmail/windows live/etc account I can use it to log-in. This is what happened next:
  1. 1. I enter my login details and click login
  2. 2. says that my hotmail account was being used by someone else (I'm not surprised - it was a throw-away account) and that I have to change my password. I notice that a randomly generated 32 char password doesn't fit. It turns out they only let you have 16 chars in the password. Cool. I enter my new password and click submit.
  3. 3. asks me if I have alternative email address or phone number - in case I forget the password. I enter only phone number.
  4. 4. says that my account has been used by someone else (again) and asks me to enter my phone number (which I already have entered in previous screen) so they could send me a txt message with code. I enter my phone number. The text message arrives with 4 digit number. I enter the number.
  5. 5. says that we're almost done and asks me to change my password again before starting using the service. It's starting to annoy me so I try to enter the same password as before. They won't let me use it. I try to use randomly generated 32 char password. It fits in the box, but I get error message saying that password can only be up to 16 characters long. I delete half of the password and try again. It says now that the password contains invalid characters (but it doesn't say what characters are invalid or what characters are allowed). I delete some characters from the password (space, apostrophe, etc..) leaving pretty much alphanumeric-only characters. This time it accepts me.
  6. 6. presents me with big form to create my account, including fields for new password and phone number. None of the fields are pre-populated. I try pressing "Ok", since I thought that I already have an account and entered my new password and phone number enough times. It gives me back the same form with almost every field saying that it's mandatory. There's no link to skip it or otherwise get away from it. I fill in the form (this time the previously set password is accepted) and click ok.
  7. 7. next screen says that I'm already logged in with my hotmail account and asks if I want to log-out from it and log-in with account. I'm afraid to get more forms to fill in, so I just navigate to with a hope that it will work. And it does. It shows my inbox for account.

tl;dr: I wouldn't trust them.

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