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Comment Re: Doxing (Score 3, Interesting) 899

I spent an hour or so reading the posts on altright and all I saw was doxing, how to start the race war, a fuck ton of crying about 'ni**ers' having their own country so why can't we, there truth equals a red pill and how to create fake planned parenthood signs (using the same font Hillary used) showing that the goal of planned parenthood was to abort white babies and save mixed race ones (even going as far as suggesting they were swapping sperm of the 'inferior reacts'.
So if that's the truth people are talking about I'll pass.

Comment Re: I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 726

Except Uber advertised that they would be making a living wage ($90k in NYC for example) and leased them the car. They pretty much fell for an offer that was too good to be true and are probably spiraling in the sunk cost fallacy.

I know there is no way in hell I would have quit a job for Uber, even when I was making around $90k. I've been through startups, some good, some not but with this your not even part of it (except as a profit model).

Comment Re: The days of high taxes on corps are numbered (Score 1) 442

Is he also going to pay for all the hardware, sensors, communication/crypto gear to be put into his planes? Air Force One is not just another airplane and there are probably a number of things that need to be upgraded on the current models. I don't think the secret service is just going to stand by and let him put himself at risk. They tend to take their jobs pretty seriously. Trump's comments about this topic sound just as ignorant as his comments about the nuclear triad were. He seems like the "I don't care about the details" kind of person, which may be great for his own companies/*cough* university but unfortunately he will be doing this for the country.

Comment Re: And thus the Internet of Things collapses (Score 1) 211

I've purchased two devices (well, two each elf or the wife and my self). I 'justified' by saying I was going to look at the protocols they use. One of the devices uses cert pinning but I didn't get more time to look at it (switched jobs, so I've been busy). Both vendors are very,very upfront about how much data they collect. I just looked and I haven't put them on this phone yet. But they are most certainly not hiding that they collect data. That would be like thinking Chaterbate wasn't watching who you tip, how much you tip and what your kinks are.

Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 2) 639

Sure, you *could* start a tractor business but those tractors would be covered by the DMCA as well. So anyone buying your tractors wouldn't be able to fix them via 3rd party or themselves. Maybe you could make all the specs open and allow the use of diagnostic tools you, as the manufacturer, created but I would be willing to bet the established companies would get their favorite politicians to screw you in some fashion.

Comment Re: Cost of living (Score 1) 100

My starting salary when I worked at twitter (~mid 2010) was $120k p/year. That was with 15 years experience and 6 technical certs. That's exactly what my ending salary was from Verisign & Ning (both outside the city, Mountain View & Palo Alto) in 2009 and 2010. It is not a huge chunk of money but you can make it work out. The place we were renting in Fremont was about $2500. Atter that add in cars, utilities and the expense's associated with a relatively (at that time) small child; you can get by but you aren't exactly raking in the cash.

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