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Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 2) 639

Sure, you *could* start a tractor business but those tractors would be covered by the DMCA as well. So anyone buying your tractors wouldn't be able to fix them via 3rd party or themselves. Maybe you could make all the specs open and allow the use of diagnostic tools you, as the manufacturer, created but I would be willing to bet the established companies would get their favorite politicians to screw you in some fashion.

Comment Re: Cost of living (Score 1) 100

My starting salary when I worked at twitter (~mid 2010) was $120k p/year. That was with 15 years experience and 6 technical certs. That's exactly what my ending salary was from Verisign & Ning (both outside the city, Mountain View & Palo Alto) in 2009 and 2010. It is not a huge chunk of money but you can make it work out. The place we were renting in Fremont was about $2500. Atter that add in cars, utilities and the expense's associated with a relatively (at that time) small child; you can get by but you aren't exactly raking in the cash.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 566

I'm not sure that's the case though, there are several diseases (both physical and mental) that simply can't be healed or rehabilitated and they are most certainly patients if they are in a doctors care. Now doctors administering the lethal cocktail, I would argue, *should* consider them patients since they are under their direct care (if only for that brief, if it goes correctly, interaction). The random experimenting of 'new' and untested (for this purpose) on inmates is a bit troubling. In the case of Joseph Wood, they used a combination of midazolam & hydromorphone (injecting him at least 15 times). As someone who has been on opiates (that exact one even) for 10+ years (10 knee surgeries + spine/back issues), I can relate my experience on dosage. It can vary widely from person to person and that seems to be a bit genetic and then tolerance over time. My first experience involved me taking several times the lethal dosage (was trying to make the pain go away, not just tolerable). That translated to 7200mg of OxyContin (back when you could chew them), 1200mg of Percocet and about 39,000mg of acetaminophen; in about 25-28 hours. I didn't die, wasn't high and was still in pain (my liver is amazing).

My ramble is trying to make the point that just rolling the dice while trying to kill someone seems a little too much like torture and a hell of a lot like ignoring the oaths doctors take. The nitrogen options mentioned in these threads seems far more humane with a far less chance of it randomly fucking it up (except for that whole wrongful conviction, forced deals and the like).

Comment Re: two for T (Score 1) 766

Transgender != dude in a wig and a bra. There seems to be a handful of reported cases where someone is a sexual predator and claims to be transgender at a later date. None of this addresses the problem associated with same sex predators from attacking & molesting children in bathrooms and shelters. Since we are doing this for the children after all...oh wait, there are already laws against rape, secretly recording people, molesting children, etc.. As a victim of molestation myself, I can tell you that I don't think, nor treat, all woman as sex offenders. Just like I don't judge entire groups of people based on the actions of a few. So I can't see any reason I would treat transgendered men/woman any different.

Comment Re: Trust, but verify (Score 1) 388

I too enjoy how people that are around parents or have the same 'all my friends have children' and believe that makes them experts.

Have you sat up with your child in a coma while your frantically trying to figure out what they took but can't since you have no access? Sure you can scramble around the house but was it your xanax or the draino? Did they tell their friends, leave a note on the phone or have a fight with a friend? I guess it's fine to sit by and watch them die in the name of trusting them (well up until that point but a bell can't be un-rung). Hell, a lot of parents don't know who their children are friends with these days, let alone what they are actually doing. Trust is fantastic and parents & children should be able to trust each other but some of the outcomes are disastrous and finding out after the first felony/kidnapping/rape/<whatever> is a bad time to learn the trust isn't there (yup, I think in worst case scenarios, probably why I am in infosec). Also to the example you replied to, a daughter who is normally not secretive and suddenly becomes so, is cause for concern. You only get that type of vibe after living with someone for years and years, not just from visiting friends with kids.
Also, how about acknowledging the fact that the constant connection to the Internet of this generation is vastly different than you and your 1200 baud modem? Did your parents actually understand the risks of the bbs's or what you could do with a computer?

My son had and still does have my code for mine and my wife's phones because shit happens and I would rather he have it and not need it then the alternative, just like I have his. To me it's kinda like owning a gun, I don't want to use it but I'd rather have it than not, especially when it's needed.

Comment Re: Suggestions anyone? (Score 4, Interesting) 457

Without having the details, it's hard to gauge the true security of the phones. Perhaps the Israeli company used a scanning electron microscope and attacked the actual crypto chip, there are some risks associated with that approach but it's far from impossible and probably not something you would want to experiment with on a phone you've yelled about being 'OMG, national security' about. That makes the going to someone with experience a good thing. I have a hunch the Feds had this planned before any of this began. They hoped apple would cave but always had a backup plan, they just wanted the precedent before resorting to plan B. When it got to the point that the case was going to be heard and might go against them, they dropped it and went to the backup. At least that's what I would have done in their place.

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