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Comment Estonia (Score 1) 562

1/3 of the people living in Estonia do not speak fluent estonian (or do not speak the language at all).
Those are the descendants of the former occupation forces, Russians who are encouraged by their nations leaders to stay on the formerly occupied territories and to resist integration.
Strangely enough the EU and the world community fail to approve of Estonia-s attempt to assimilate the next generation by making estonian the mandatory teaching language at schools, i.e. to acquire adequate skills inte local tongue. (For clarity I must add that Estonia in no way tries to prevent studying or using russian; the objective is to make the russian descendants adopt estonian in addition to their own language.)

Comment WP (Score 1) 505

I just can't imagine MS abandoning WP. It would not make sense. Not today, nor tomorrow.
From the consumers perspecitve, however, I fail to see how and why anyone would opt to buy a phone with a 12 month usable lifespan.
I got myself a Dell Streak 5" phone. It was running Android 2.2 and was eventually uppgraded to 2.3. Dell abandoned their Streak line of devices and had it not been for the open-source nature of Android I would have been out of options.
Windows Phone 7.x owners must be pretty unhappy inside; they got themselves devices that can not be updated to any meaningful extent. The same seems to be happening to WP8 owners.
Don't get me wrong; this strategy has worked well for the manufacturers for many years! Users buy new phones when the old ones become obsolete. In the smartphone-market, however, the cost for upgrading is high. If the user is forced to buy a new phone every year, the consumers will navigate towards cheaper low-end devices. And belive me: That is not what the manufacturers want! Nor do they want their customers turn to open-source alternatives when their devices no longer recieve new updates.

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