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Comment Re:Hanlon's (Score 1) 125

I inherited a site with the internal network at 192.X.0.0/16 a long time ago (can't remember what X was). It was set up by some vendor's consultants, I believe. It only became a problem when we finally got a network connection to the outside. Re-IPing the whole site was considered risky by TBTB. The only downside was thsat 192.X/16 was closed to them, which didn't matter since there was nothing in that block at the time. So, maybe it's like that. How old is this bank?

Comment honeypot (Score 1) 517

Assume you are in a honey pot. The FBI already knows about it, it is their system. They are waiting for you to do something that they can lock you up for, and that makes them look good in the papers. Alternatively, they want enough on you that you can be turned to inform on your hacking friends. So, your move. Do you "Blow them up?"

For that matter, why do you even care? Are you a customer? What is your standing? Don't you have something else to do?

Comment Re:I Don't Buy It (Score 1) 645

> The open question is whether or not VC's underestimate the ability of black/asian/latino firms to make them a ton of cash.

Were that the case then the first VC to go against the grain would make that ton of cash, and the rest, wanting their own ton of cash, would cease to underestimate such persons. The open question then becomes, how long do we have to wait for someone to try for that untapped potential? I suspect we are long past the due date, and what we are seeing is a lack of candidates, rather than a skewed market for talent.

Comment one modified rat does not a breakthrough make (Score 1) 220

"Finally, the whole package is wrapped in a mesh that protects the electrodes from the body's immune system, while still allowing the free flow of glucose and oxygen to the electrodes. The whole package is then implanted in the rat."

That's really cool, if true. The chemistry for something like this has been around for a long time. The problem has been that the body tends to cover these devices in tissue or other material. (It's been a long time, and I don't remember the details.) If they have a way to keep the device clean for years (forever, really) then this will work. But, if tissue or other material builds up on it, and then falls off in chunks and enters the bloodstream it's going to block arteries causing heart attacks and/or strokes and eventually killing the host. One modified rat does not a breakthrough make.

Comment Re:A sad day for many reasons (Score 2) 804

* You were hurt and wronged, but before any investigation had been
    conducted fingers were being pointed.

                As if there were other suspects.

* To this date I know of no forensic investigation being conducted into
    this act. Why?

                You're joking, right? As to culpability, OBL is on video
                bragging about his success in knocking down the towers.
                Regarding the who and how of the attack, the persons, training,
                and logistics have been intensly studied. As to the proximate
                cuase of the collapse, it is beleived that each tower was struck
                by an airplane. The ensuing fire softened the metal framework
                of the buildings to the point of structural collapse. /sarc

* When OBL was killed the victims were granted revenge, a cheap imitation
    of justice.

                Hardly. It was a symbolic act in a war where symbols matter.

* The war that was being waged on America began when the Towers were hit

                It began long before that. The earlier attacks occurred mostly
                in africa and the middle east, so the politicians didn't get all
                worked up about it. My personal belief is that there was also
                have been some money changing hands. The people selling rope never
                seem to consider that it might end up around their own necks.

* Know your enemy, Know yourself

                This I agree with. The erosion of liberties and the cynical
                exploitation of the event still needs to be addressed.

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