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Comment Lack of Political Will (Score 1) 166

What's lacking, is not tech or economics. Alternatives such as Biobutanol can be used as a direct substitute for gasoline with minimal to no alteration on current vehicles, and they pack about 90% ~ 95% of the energy density as gasoline. If we took the $30-50billion we spend EVERY YEAR on subsidizing outlandishly profitable Oil companies like Exxon, and put even a fraction of that money towards developing Industrial scale economically viable biobutanol, biodiesel distilleries/refineries which could run off of agricultural waste, and other non food renewable resources. We could cut our fossil fuel use, cut pollution (biobutanol burns cleaner), and have a readily available bridge source of energy to power our transportation network until other, cleaner tech come on line. We can do this now, hell we could have done it a decade ago. But as long as politicians of both parties are bought off by the Energy Oligarchs, public funds will continue to subsidize fossil fuels instead of cheaper less destructive technologies.

Submission + - Apple Scores Win in German Patent Suit Against Motorola (

technewsplus writes: "Apple has scored a patent win against Motorola Mobility in a German law suit related to “slide-to-unlock” feature. Foss Patents , blog of patent expert Florian Muerller , has reported that the German Court ruled that some of the Motorola's smartphones based on Google's Android OS , infringe on two patents of Apple which are related"

Comment Open API will always Lag (Score 1) 163

I work quite a bit with the YouTube (Gdata) API and have also worked with many Open Source platforms as well. With Open source I am limited pretty much only by my ability in terms of finding out how things work and where the "hooks" are to get the most out of the system. With an Open API such as Gdata I am at the mercy of Google's developers as to what they wish to expose. I can make a request, but good luck with getting it fulfilled if it doesn't fit with their business model.

Comment Ripped from the hands of Texas (Score 2) 396

If ebooks can penetrate the K-12 market and lower costs significantly, then much power will be taken out of the Texas Board of Education's hands. School districts around the nation could decide for themselves if they wanted to teach that humans played with dinosaurs 5000 years ago, and not be forced to buy text books that spout such nonsense because Texas is the largest market and gets to set curriculum.

Comment Organic Smorganic (Score 1) 288

Unless your organic farm is hermetically sealed, chances are getting greater and greater that you'll be close enough to a GMO farm to cross pollinate, whether by wind or rapidly diminishing bee population. Monsanto, BASF and their ilk have already won, lets just hope that we got the non sterile seed time capsules fully stocked in preparation for the imminent food collapse.

Comment Silly Expectations (Score 0) 157

I don't walk around with my SSN printed on a tshirt, neither do I post stuff on facebook that I don't want everyone to see or expect to be brought up in a job interview etc. Facebook is a cool way to connect with friends I haven't seen for awhile, shake my tiny fist on soapbox issues, and stay in touch with people in a more public and interesting way than email. I, like 99.56% of everyone else, have never read their privacy policy because I have zero expectation of anything I share on FB EVER being kept private. If I need privacy, I have encrypted email, which will keep the majority of noses away from my private communiques. If someone hacks my online banking account, the bank will reimburse me as long as I take timely and reasonable steps to let them know. Paranoia about personal data is useless, the banks already know every place you have ever lived, every bill you have ever been late on, neither should you be careless about giving out personal data on ANY public forum, whether FB or your tshirt. FB may be greedy capitalists willing to sell your personal info to the highest bidder, but once you know that responsibility is yours for protecting yourself.

Comment Snowball (Score 0) 133

The face of Napoleon keeps changing, but the Seven Commandments, in the form of the Patriot Act, stay pretty much the same. One problem the current Napoleon is going to have is he is too effective at killing off his Snowballs. The trick is to keep them alive, at least in the populaces minds, so that there is always justification for disregarding the Fourth Amendment. I wish Ron Wyden luck in his fight, especially against Section 201 and 225 of Title II of the "Patriot Act", the low bar of pretty much doing what you want without warrant in the name of Terrorism, as set out by Section 201, is rendered almost completely moot by Section 225 where the FBI is immune from FISA oversight anyway.

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