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Comment Re:And before online distrubution there was: PIRAC (Score 0) 58

Not so much so, I know one of the club owners personally and him (as well as all his employees) smoke, and he keeps the club that way so that people who do smoke have a place to go and hang out, kick back, dance, drink, etc.

As far as your IT job scenario was concerned, I'd tell my boss not to be pissed if I stop going outside to smoke, and aside from that, I have to say I argue how dangerous second hand smoke really is, I smoked "second hand" for 18 years before I started smoking "first hand" (and you can argue that however you want) but I'll be honest, I ENJOY smoking. Thats why I started smoking first hand, I enjoy it. And you can recite all the health this and your health that crap, but to be honest, I really dont care.

And the point I was really trying to get across was this: No matter what the government, health agencies, anti-this or anti-that ads tell people, they are going to do what they want. And to be honest, who the F*CK do the people who try to say otherwise think they are?(now there are cases where I will yield that point, but they are few and far between) All they do for me is make it sound like they think they're better than me for some reason, when in reality, since I don't tell people what they can or can't do, I fail to see how they're better or worse than me.

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