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Comment Re:Fingerprint might not work (Score 1) 222

I have the same question, I know that if I don't unlock my phone with my finger for several days (usually over the weekend) or if it powers down due to exhausted battery. it will require my entering my passcode. Unless they have a way to trick the phone into thinking no time has passed, I don't see what good a fingerpint will do them? The secure enclave will have dumped the fingerprint-tied key by that point and will require the regular passcode.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 3, Interesting) 314

You obviously don't travel for business.

I went to the UK, the company I was working for had a company phone with every number I needed pre-programmed, ready to hand to me after I got off the plane and out of the airport once inside the UK. Before going back to the USA, hand them the phone back before entering the airport.

Comment Re:Hardware (Score 2) 525

"There is also A2DP, which still uses lossy compression, but at a much higher bitrate, stereo, and at 48KHz sampling - good quality audio, as the compression noise is below what human hearing can detect."

I've got a pair of custom-built wireless+wired headphones. It uses Polaroid PBT598 hardware. It connects using A2DP. It also has an aux-in input jack.

You can EASILY tell the difference between the same audio track over A2DP vs the aux cable jack. A2DP adds way more of ye olde MP3 'underwater' effect.

Comment Better idea (Score 1) 353

Have some in-site ads that can't be blocked - e.g. coming directly from the root level, and just pepper the loaded pages of those not logged in with them.

If they block the root domain, they block themselves from the site. If they don't want to see as many ads, they need to get an account and stay logged in.

The trick is finding the perfect balance, required effort vs incentive to not act a certain way.

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