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Comment Re:Comment (Score 1) 315

" Again, are you going to force them to hire actors that they don't want to hire?"

When I can prove they don't want to hire because of age, especially when a role and script generally call for such a character? GOD FUCKING DAMN RIGHT I WOULD.

Did you forget what a fucking bona-fide occupational qualifier is, sir?

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 459

"Why do people with genes from West Africa (but who live all over the world in different cultures) make up the top 95% of the top sprint times? It isn't because they grew up sprinting."

I love your anthropological fail. They most certainly did grow up sprinting, as nomadic hunter tribes.

Comment Re:Comment (Score 1) 315

I can tell you don't live out here.

"There are age-related anti-discrimination laws already on the books, and they should be plenty sufficient for protecting actors as well as all other kinds of labor. "

If you're 40 and over, yes. Problem is, many actors get discriminated against in their 30s, considered too old. Unless you've got star power behind you, you're pretty much fucked, and might as well get a job being a gaffer or boom operator if you want to stay anywhere in the field, or relegate yourself to TV roles.

Comment Re:Am A Noob Too (Score -1, Flamebait) 277

"Dude, I'm not a network technician but I've been putting computers together since the late 80s and have been running Linux OSs as my desktop OS for over a decade now...

And I couldn't set up the network you described without some serious googling."

If you don't know what pfsense is (and you claim to run Linux as your desktop OS for over a decade) and if you don't realize that almost everything described is actually a cable job (outside of making VLANs and configuring pfsense) then I suggest you get out of the IT field entirely.

Comment Re:Where do I line up? (Score 1) 178

You do know what a diode is, right? You do know those are on every rail of even the utterly crappiest of PSUs, right? You do know that since pretty much the 80s the PSU is rather well-isolated from the rest of the system as far as electrical feedback and reverse voltage goes, right?

Do you even have any electrical experience? I've got a bare PSU mounted to a board right now powering a motherboard, again mounted bare to the same plank. De-shrouded GPU, etc. I bet you're the kind of person that hasn't ever turned a screw in your life.

Comment Re:Call a spade a spade (Score 1) 222

Can we just call a spade a spade, and treat "lobbying" as a bribe? I'm getting sick of seeing this blatant corruption.

Lets not forget these laws were passed by elected officials. When you "follow the money" you find that interests find pairs of politicians competing for office where one of then tends to vote for the company's interests, and the other does not. They shower the one that does with political donations. That money goes toward advertising during the next election. Remember, it's still the people that vote him back in. They're just biased due to the unequal campaign funding going on. But they're still uninformed voters doing a bad job at voting.

As much as people hate on the companies and the politicians. it's the dumb voters that make it all work. The politicians are motivated by greed, and you can't fix that. (you really can't even blame them for being greedy - it's a pretty universal thing, and you certainly can't outlaw greed) The only thing you really can try to fix are the voters. Educate the public, fix the voters, and the laws will fix themselves once the process starts working as designed.

Until then, complaining about how greedy people are raining on your parade is about as useful as pissing into the wind.

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