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Comment Oh, it's an IT job.... (Score 1) 215

Ok, so.... not to say anything bad about IT, just... this is just about an IT job interview. I'm sure a MUCH more interesting story would be about an Engineering Interview. Additionally, this seems more an article that the submitter managed to land a hefty number of /. hits. Nothing to read here... please, for the sake of your brain and all organs involved in making a memory, move along.

"Associate Consultant at Microsoft" LOL!!!! Guess everybody has to start somewhere, though.

Comment Re:High School Science Project (Score 2) 76

Yeah, especially when it burns up before your high school students can do anything since "None of this payload stuff (neither the sensors nor the Arduinos) are specifically space-rated or radiation-hardened or anything like that, and some of them will be exposed directly to space."

Comment Re:How so cheap? (Score 1) 76

I'm skeptical about a) timing, can they actually make a launch, i.e. they want to build it by the end of this year then launch it within 6 mo? i don't think so.... ; then b) whether or not it will actually be a success, from TFA:

"None of this payload stuff (neither the sensors nor the Arduinos) are specifically space-rated or radiation-hardened or anything like that, and some of them will be exposed directly to space. There will be some backups and redundancy, but partly, this will be a learning experience to see what works and what doesn't."

hmm... maybe burn up before anything can be done, especially considering the short schedule?

Comment "Hopeful" language (Score 5, Insightful) 76

I wrote the following post, then just said Fuck It. Basically this article spews more shit than a shit-eater on the vomitron rollercoaster. Read if you like, i got tired and quit before finishing. Summary: people trying to scam $35k.

Just the language of the article makes it sound like a kind of pipe dream (or scam) -- nevermind why would i want to use sensors that someone else chose & put on there ... this wouldn't be a real experiment. My experiment would be making beer; I realize Sapporo already did this, but i want space-homebrew.

Instances where the language is really not making me think this is actually going to happen (and TFP is just more marketing):

"designing a satellite made almost entirely of off-the-shelf (or slightly modified) hobby-grade hardware, launching it quickly, and then using Kickstarter to give you a way to get directly involved."
  -- Very oversimplified... "it's all so quick and easy" is what it makes me think ... too easy

" ArduSat, as its name implies, will run on Arduino boards .... ArduSat will be packing.... Lots of sensors, probably 25 ..."
  -- Will run... ok, so it's not running yet. Will be packing ... ok, so it's not packing yet... "probably" ok... they haven't figured out how many???? It's mid-2012, and they're wanting to launch in 2013??? seriously???? Methinks they're running late for the train; er... rocket.

"NanoSatisfi is looking for Kickstarter funding to pay for just the launch of the satellite itself: the funding goal is $35,000. Thanks to some outside investment, it's able to cover the rest of the cost itself."
  -- So everything is covered, we just need to come up with a mere $35k? That's a lot of money for something that's still in the pipe dream phase, never mind the mysterious benefactor element. Who's the exudingly benevolent party?

"this will be a learning experience to see what works and what doesn't. The next generation of ArduSat will take all of this knowledge and put it to good use making a more capable and more reliable satellite."
  -- Translation: you're paying for our fuck-ups so we can build a better one that we'll make the real money off of; you won't be invited for that one

"If this Kickstarter goes bananas and NanoSatisfi runs out of room for people to get involved on ArduSat, no problem, it can just build and launch another ArduSat along with the first, jammed full of (say) fifty more Arduinos so that fifty more experiments can be run at the same time. Or it can launch five more ArduSats. Or ten more."
  -- Umm... where to start... yeah, we have soooooooo many slots to launch it's ridiculous; nevermind our delivery vehicles are soooo diverse that we can change payload size without any problem at all, ah, fuck this.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 1141

Growing up in Europe, then moving back stateside in the early 90's was certainly a shocker. Unlimited drinks? King-size fries & soda? No wonder people are complete fatasses now. Limit drinks to 16oz, and charge for refills whether or not they have left the premises. Sure, it won't be popular, but whatever. Hell, charge for Ketchup even. People take too much for granted and have too much of a sense of entitlement. Time for us to Harden the Fuck Up*.

I have the same attitude towards the big, gas-guzzling trucks. When I see them hauling ass, accelerating rapidly only to hit the next street light and have to stop and do it all over again, I amuse myself thinking about how bad it must be hurting their pocketbook. Except then I realize they really don't care.

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=unkIVvjZc9Y

Comment That's how bad the situation is... (Score 2) 300

That it's being considered really shows how bad the drought situation in Texas is. I'm sure the quality of the water will be fine, but for people to mentally get over the stigma requires some serious problem that needs to be addressed. Pretty much the whole state is "hell" and relief does not seem anywhere in the distant future: http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/expert_assessment/seasonal_drought.html

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