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Submission + - Sprint's Android-Powered WiMax Phone Cometh ( 1

tugfoigel writes: Today the Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint plans to launch its first WiMax smartphone next week at the CTIA trade show. The device will be made by HTC and is called the Supersonic.

The Journal cites unnamed sources in its article, but they say Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse will announce the device during his keynote address at CTIA next week in Las Vegas. The CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) is the lobbying organization that represents the mobile industry and its spring trade show is typically attended by more than 40,000 people.

I've heard different timeframes from all the parties involved here, and an announcement next week is much earlier than even Sprint has said it will happen. Sprint's WiMax parter, Clearwire, told me that it didn't expect any WiMax smartphones until well into the fourth quarter of the year. Even if Sprint does announce a device next week, I think it will be months before it becomes available for sale.

Comment Re:Shared Calendar Backend? (Score 1) 207

I'm in the exact same boat, a one man IT shop working for a small non-profit that wants to be able to share calendars. It sounds so easy that I was sure I could find something that would work. Haven't found a solution yet that doesn't cost per user plus the cost of a server.

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