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Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 137

Except for the unpatched kernel vulnerabilities because they keep using an out of track non-LTS kernel. Maybe that's changed since the last big kernel exploit that went unpatched for 18months on Mint but the project has an atrocious record on security and no matter how much you like it you shouldn't ignore the warts it's got.

I'll take the warts and security vulnerabilities that Mint has versus all of the problems Windows has, especially for a desktop system. Of course I wouldn't run Mint on mission-critical enterprise servers, but that isn't the target market, and no one with major infrastructural concerns needs the simplicity of Mint, either. It isn't perfect, but Mint is a viable alternative to M$ for the average (or slightly above) home user.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1, Insightful) 137

Can I play ALL my games, perfectly and without issues, at the same or better framerate?

Nope, and I can't play most of my games on Windows at all, since half of them are only released for dedicated consoles, you silly person!

I've certainly loved some PC-only games over the years, but at this point in my life, spending $2000 every 2-3 years so I can play a handful of worthwhile PC-only games seems like a mistake. When I can buy a $300 console that plays way more good games, and quite a few that have no Windows versions, I can't justify being into PC gaming anymore. I used to be a PC game snob too, but I think I'm done with shelling out the dough for 120 FPS and using a keyboard for games.

Comment Re:Ubuntu makes to much decisions for me... (Score 1) 137

Right, having no control over updates or what your OS is doing behind your back sure makes Windows great. I don't know what you're trying to do, but just about everything I can do in Windows works great in Mint, too. Or were your comments made in jest?
Gaming is the one exception, though Linux has caught up a tiny bit. PC games are still superior to consoles, but the fact that so many titles are console-only, as well as the overall simplicity factor, makes choosing an Xbox One or PS4 over an expensive PC an easy choice for most people.

Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 5, Insightful) 137

Every other day, there seems to be a new "operating system" released, always in "beta" (and never leaving that stage)... but it's just a Linux distribution! It's just a bunch of standard junkware slapped together! I don't understand this obsession with making new Linux distros when there already are a billion of them.

If you want to sound crotchety and whiny, that's up to you. But you are completely wrong here, since Mint has been around for about ten years and is an excellent operating system with a great team and professional lead developer, not "junkware slapped together." I don't agree with one of the bigoted political stances Mint head Clem has taken in the past but I've been running it for 9 years and fully understand why it is one of the most popular and respected distros (and he's kept quiet about his hate for Israel in recent years). You can be lazy and let MS run your computer and data if you like, but that doesn't mean there aren't 10-20 really good Linux distros out there completely ready for prime time, beta or otherwise.

Comment Re:Why is BETA in caps? (Score 2) 137

I mean seriously EditorDavid, do you think beta is an acronym?

Um, the Mint team called it BETA (in CAPS) on their site, as they usually do, so you could maybe lay off of EditorDavid this time. I've run Mint betas before without problems, but I'm glad they make it clear when a release on their main page is indeed a beta.

Comment Re: Ar you people insane? Why is this in any way s (Score 1) 548

Oh, you seem so sure... but things have really been falling apart in the polls, which are biased left to begin with.

See you on the 8th ;)

No, you probably won't. I vote early, like any sane person. Much less chance for the GOP to suppress my vote if I cast it before election day.

Comment Re:There's a slight difference (Score 1) 548

Hilary Clinton is pretty obviously the target if a multi-billion dollar character assassination program. ... I don't think Jesus Christ could survive the onslaught she has.

1. He was from NAZARETH, not AMERICA! Birth certificate!?!?
2. He was not a Christian, so can you REALLY be sure he shares OUR ideals?
3. Clearly a hippie - long hair, unshaven, sandals, didn't hold down a regular job, etc. -- NOT presidential.
4. He was privileged, not a common working man, so he clearly doesn't understand us and will not do what it takes to bring back high-paying jobs.
5. Inexperienced - never held elected office, never ran a company.
6. Some of those Romans hated him an awful lot, and some of them were my friends, or at least neighbors.
7. Too many mentions of wine, and handouts. Handouts instead of making people work. Pretty suspicious. Communist alert!
8. Questionable inner circle - Known liars and turncoats, prostitutes, etc.
9. What are his family values? Not married (gay? swinger?), no children (that he would claim publicly, anyway).
10. What happened to all of the letters he wrote? Why have they mysteriously disappeared over time? What is he hiding, and how much did he lie about it? And where is he now, I thought he was coming back?

Comment Re:I won't waste the mod point (Score 1) 548

But you really should check facts. Obama's main mentors were Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright. He was a community organizer going into politics modeling his career after Saul Alinsky. He was elected to the Senate after smearing a person raising his family, including an autistic child, alone after his ex-wife dumped them and ran back to Hollywood (Jerri Ryan). He was useless as a Senator except to act as the standard Democratic yes-man. He repeats all the same talking points as Hillary and is on the same plan. The plan is "Fuck the USA and bring in the communism".

You being ignorant does not make Obama good, it makes you ignorant.

Communism? Seriously? Care to throw in a Satan or Hitler reference while you're at it to further demonize those you perceive to be your enemies? I think you are the ignorant one. And someone raising an autistic child does not automatically exempt them from politics, or facts. Obama's 2004 Senate campaign was actually much cleaner than most, and you are either a sadly misinformed right-wing, FOX News fanboy zealot, or you are Jack Ryan (who quit the race, by the way). I can not believe that ANYONE representing either major party takes a "fuck the USA" stance. Bad judgement and misplaced priorities are not the same as malice or treason, though I'm sure you don't understand that concept.

Comment Re: Temper your enthusiasm (Score 1) 548

Has there been any presidential candidate in decades who wasnt a scoundrel?

Yes. Working backwards: Obama (in 2008, at least), McCain, Kerry, W (douche who went AWOL and didn't have much of a vocabulary, but not a scoundrel), Gore, Dole, Reagan, Dukakis, Mondale (maybe), Carter. That's most of the major party candidates going back almost 40 years, and I don't think any of them qualify as scoundrels or bad people, no matter how little I agreed with some of them. You can make a case a lot more easily for both Clintons, Trump, Bush 41, and Romney (which I say despite kind of liking one of them and accepting another), but that means most major candidates are not scoundrels.

Comment Temper your enthusiasm (Score -1, Troll) 548

Whether or not this story or one like it is a real bombshell in the next week doesn't matter. It won't have any impact on the election because most Trump supporters just don't care much for "facts." Evidence: they support a slimy salesman/gameshow host no matter what idiotic or patently false thing comes out of his mouth. They don't believe in fact checking, as a rule. I can't blame them if they don't like Hillary, but jeez, this guy is on a new level, and not a good one.

Comment Re:I have a name for it (Score 1) 81

The one with the curved edge to edge display could be called the iPhone 8 Edge They could increase the screen to phone size ratio by making the home button shorter

I've even got a mock-up for them: here

How about the iPhone S 8 Edge v2 Turbo Pure Edition with Siri2? That has a nice ring to it.
And I don't know how crabapple haven't increased the screen to body ratio on devices that are so universally lauded for their designs. Their phones are still way bigger than they need to be, and ports aren't the problem. You only need to go so thin, but wasted space around the screen should be minimized.

Comment Re: Dumb (Score 1) 81

Really, you don't think if apple does this that wired port will be gone?

And I say that as a relative Apple fanboy, by Slashdot standards anyway

Spot on. They've already tried to do away with headphone jacks against the wishes of most, because they make phones "bulky," so why would they keep a charging port once the add wireless charging?
Full disclosure: I have never owned an iphone, and will not in the foreseeable future, though I do understand some of the appeal.

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