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Comment Re:A new feed for the NSA (Score 1) 27

what little they were not getting anyway ... so more of my financial transactions (I am a Brit) will be copied over the pond to the NSA.

Make no mistake about it, the NSA has access to damn near everything going on in friendly nations already. Whether through negotiated channels or unsanctioned spying, the NSA knows what goes on in the UK, Germany, France, Canada, and many other countries. When it comes to their stated mission of security, and their failures, the problem is information overload, not a lack of information.

Comment Re:Brexit loons will call it "investment" (Score 2) 27

"See, international investors keep investing in the UK, even after we've decided to leave the EU."

Not sure of your angle, and I don't know the ins and outs of British payment systems, but the price of just over a billion dollars makes it appear to be an intriguing investment for MasterCard. Of course if the UK's economy completely tanks it wouldn't look like such a good investment, but if VocalLink is as big as I think it is this sure looks like a bargain from where I sit.

Maybe the prevailing domestic concern (on your side of the pond) is not continued "investment" as much as national assets being sold off, if I'm reading it right?

Comment Re:A new feed for the NSA (Score 1) 27

I'm not familiar with the phrase "curry-laden shithole," whether in reference to the UK, or to England or otherwise. Is that a racist thing? Sorry, I'm much better at spotting racism here in the good ol' U S of A due to being more accustomed to it and it generally not being very clever (not that "curry-laden" leaves me completely bewildered, obviously).

Comment Re:Too Little, Too Late... (Score 1) 43

I've considered going back to cable or satellite, but only because of NBA basketball and MLB baseball. I miss those live games, but I can't bring myself to go back just for that. I did subscribe to Sling TV during the latter part of the last NBA season and the playoffs (and watched little else via Sling), but that's it for me - no cable since 2010, and I even cancelled Netflix last month due to never watching it. My antenna and the odd torrent are enough TV it seems.

Full and true a la carte TV would probably sway me, for a few channels anyway, but I have no real intention of ever going back to traditional cable or satellite.

Comment Rephrased (Score 1) 43

What they mean is:
"We want to get as much business from poor people as we can, even the ones whose service we shut off all the time for not being able to pay their bills in full and on time. And they'll bitch to us and about us less when their service runs out, just like with the "pay until you're too broke to pay for a while" cell phones they've become accustomed to. This low-end service is better (for us) than low-income customers giving up on our expensive services completely because we've priced them out."

Comment Re:VW needs a bankruptcy "fix" ready (Score 1) 64

Don't cry for VW. They're the world's largest automaker ...

Clearly you are confusing VW with Toyota, who are still the world's biggest automaker.

I can't comment on the rest of your manifesto, other than to say I have no idea why you are so interested in how the Phaeton was destined to be a phailure from the beginning. Every automaker makes mistakes, some dumber and more costly than others, so it is the successes that drive them. VW will survive this with a black eye (or two), and I will continue to test drive Audis every time I'm in the market for a new car. (More VW-branded AWD options might finally convince me to go German, as I like Audis but find them a tad over priced and overly expensive to maintain, and winter brings too much snow to my area for me to spend big bucks on a 2WD car.)

Comment Re:Gas Mileage (Score 1) 64

One dealer said the group was told that early testing of a small sample of repaired cars showed that the fix made 'no discernible difference' in the cars' mileage, horsepower or torque.

Surely some folks will throw their stock VWs on a dyno before and after, right? I'm skeptical that tweaking the computers and adding bigger cats can significantly lower emissions while not impacting HP, torque, and mpg. Or does "discernible" only refer to butt dyno results? $14 billion (or whatever it is up to) sounds like an impressively large sum, but the unknown impact on resale values is something that can only be revealed in time. I must say, VW prices have begun to look attractive to me, and the cheating cars are still good, solid cars, but I can't buy a vehicle I intend to drive for 2-5 years without having some idea of what I'll be able to get back at the end of that term.

Comment Re:Not entirely true (Score 1) 124

I happen to still be employed by Cyanogen, Inc and work on the OS side so take the rumors with a grain of salt.

Employees will know more after Tuesday.

I hope you're being truthful, but given that you posted anonymously your comment carries absolutely zero credibility. Care to be more convincing? I WANT to believe.

Comment Re:Ship is sinking (Score 2) 124

136 employees before layoffs? Amazon could absorb that in a DAY and not even blink. I'm not exaggerating.

Maybe so, but I don't care much about Amazon firing or hiring 30 people, because they don't produce/polish my mobile operating system. Granted, I'm sure someone will successfully fork CyanogenMod if Cyanogen kills it, but I kind of like it as it is, since it actually works fairly well.

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