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Comment Re:Fuck the playstation (Score 1) 188

Playstation might be successful now, but focusing the company by ditching everything else does not magically improve the chances of the next generation not failing. Selling divisions whenever they go through a weak phase means selling for a dime and since every part of the company will see such a phase of relative weakness at one point it is a reliable algorithm to end with an empty shell of a company.

Comment Re:GPS? (Score 1) 218

I'd safely assume that the editors were just using the term "GPS" in the way that it is now commonly used by nontechnical people: as a general short for "technomagical gadget that tells cars'n'stuff where to go". They would probably call it a "GPS" even if it wasn't using satellite navigation at all (which it sure does, as the technoligy is just too useful to ignore)

Submission + - Google Buzz vs. Jeskola Buzz

e3k7 writes: Just wanted to let you guys know that "Buzz" is a piece of music software me and a few other thousand people have been using over more than a decade now. Seems pretty crappy of Google to do this. Here are some sites for more info on Buzz: , , ; also, . There is a large community around this piece of software and development is as strong as ever.

Do Your Developers Have Local Admin Rights? 605

plover writes "I work as a developer for a Very Large American Corporation. We are not an IT company, but have a large IT organization that does a lot of internal development. In my area, we do Windows development, which includes writing and maintaining code for various services and executables. A few years ago the Info Security group removed local administrator rights from most accounts and machines, but our area was granted exceptions for developers. My question is: do other developers in other large companies have local admin rights to their development environment? If not, how do you handle tasks like debugging, testing installations, or installing updated development tools that aren't a part of the standard corporate workstation?"

Comment Re:Germany will just have to change (Score 1) 158

There is no cultural difference that makes people only want physical printed books, unless you have some religious grounds to not use technology.

You fail to recognize a massive case of "not invented here" ;-)

I do agree with your other points though. People don't need ebooks, therefore they won't develop a desire to get them.

Comment Re:I like rail! Great mass transit in Europe (Score 1) 1385

First of all, in the US, anything that has enough money attached automatically becomes a "pork-barrel" project.

Do you really think there is something magic about being european that makes things tick any different here?

I agree with your fourth point though: stuff like that needs decades to learn, and people willing to think about how to improve things even if nobody will be able to recognize their work (any good engineer has to do exactly that, so it's not entirely unrealistic. in a way you need "good engineers of the social aspects")

Comment Re:In a word... (Score 1) 1385

Do not be so naive to think that the Theatrical Security Administration will not do to passenger rail service what they have done to passenger air service.

Making an airplane crash without getting aboard is several orders of magnitude more difficult than making a train crash without being there. Also, highjacking a train in an attempt to drive it somewhere it's not supposed to go isn't exactly an idea that would make many apprentice terrorists download a warez copy of MS Train Simulator.

Btw: airport security in Europe isn't much different than in the States, but even after the Madrid bombings nobody has ever seriously considered more security measures for high speed trains than you would see at a random subway station.

Comment Re:In a word... (Score 1) 1385

It cerainly depends on the budget you are wanting to spend. Real beds (well, an approximation of a bed that you would still sue a hotel over, but still a million times better than reclining seats) are expensive in Europe as well.

But if you compare it with the price of a flight with a level of comfort well above the cheapest class, which is fair even if you wouldn't spend so many hours in the "cattle-flight", the difference is no worse than in any other plane/train comparison (yes, rail travel is expensive, but it will become more competetive with every increase in energy price, which, in the long term, is inevitable due to scarcity of resources).

Maybe the biggest difference between Europe and the USA is that the regional rail systems offer pretty good service, certainly better than airline service to the various mildly backwater places. If you travel by plane you will often switch to a regional train for the last 100 or so kilometers and many airports are very poorly connected to the railway system. The place where you get off the night train, by definition, is connected perfectly.


Submission + - Carmack speaks on ray tracing, future id engines (

Vigile writes: As a matter of principle, when legendary game programmer John Carmack speaks, the entire industry listens. In a recent interview he comments on a multitude of topics starting with information about Intel, their ray tracing research and upcoming Larrabee GPU. Carmack seems to think that Intel's direction using traditional ray tracing methods is not going to work and instead theorizes that using ray casting to traverse a new data structure he is developing is the best course of action. The "sparse voxel octree" that Carmack discusses would allow for "unique geometry down to the equivalent of the texel across everything." He goes on to discuss other topics like the hardware necessary to efficiently process his new data structure, translation to consoles, multi-GPU PC gaming and even the world of hardware physics.

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