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Submission + - Fox News call Mainstream Media Biased. - In other news: The Pot Calls the Kettle (

uslurper writes: This starts out as piece about the medias role in the 2012 race. But then turns into accusations that other 'mainstream' news agencies are biased in favor of Obama. I didnt really get what they were trying to accuse 60 minutes of. But I really laughed at then end when asked who is it they thought was in the tank with Obama and the reply was: "NFM: Non-Fox Media".

After all this, I am still left curious about the effect of media on the 2012 race. I can easily tell what news stations or editorials people listen to based on what they say about the candidates. What do you fellow slashdotters think?

Submission + - What number taken to the root of itself yields the highest value? ( 3

uslurper writes: I should probably be working, but for some reason my mind was wandering about square roots and roots. Then cube roots, then 4th roots. I tried plugging in the equations to Excel but apparently it doesn't do radians. Googling "4th root of 4" gave me results. And I found that the cube root of 3 was the integer that gave me the highest number. However I found that "2.9th root of 2.9" was higher. So.. What Real number to the root of itself yields the highest number?

Submission + - Best for teen drawing: PC and touchpad or tabletPC? (

uslurper writes: My kid does some great things on the Nintendo DSI using a sketching program and flip-book like animation tool called flipnote. See the link to source for a tutorial.

OK so I would like my kid to advance beyond the basic tools of the Nintento DSI. But at only 13, advanced tools like photoshop are too hard, and too expensive if it turns out to be only a flight of fancy. Also, going from a pen to a mouse is proving too difficult for him.

So I was thinking about buying a drawing tablet to connect to the PC.. something like the Bamboo. But I am still worried that since you are not actually looking at what you are drawing on, it may be too difficult for him and he will loose interest. The budget for the tablet and software looks to be around $200.

My other option was to get a tabletPC like the Kindle Fire. Thats about the same price as above. It seems that a tablet PC would make a great drawing tool. Are their any good drawing tools for android that surpass the Nintendo's flipbook application? Can you use a stylus on a tabletPC and draw directly onto the picture? Or should I just push my kid toward standard PC software?

Submission + - Is there a way to GPL ideas instead of patent? (

uslurper writes: Is there a way to GPL ideas instead of patent?

Lets say I were to invent something (besides software) for the benefit of society. And I wanted to share my idea freely with the world so that everyone can benefit from it.
Patents are expensive me being a poor Joe, and just wanting to share my idea, I'm not going to patent something just to give it away for free.
If I just told everyone I knew, what would stop them from taking that idea and patenting it and thus 'owning' the idea?

Is there a way to freely publish an idea in such a way that it will not be patentable? -similar to say the GPL software licence but with allowance for the 3rd party to profit? (since they are actually selling goods)

Submission + - Request for a better File Transfer Protocol ( 5

uslurper writes: Request for a better File Transfer Protocol

  I work for a financial company that acts as a 'middleman'. We have always been involved with securely transferring data, but we will be increasing our use of data transfer substantially.
However I am having a difficult time managing and automating the data transfers among various clients and vendors.
I have some programming skill so I can create or customize as i see fit, but the fact that i have to customize each and every connection wastes my time.
There does not seem to be one widely accepted solution.

Here is what I need:
1. Send and receive files.
2. Data must be secured using a HIPAA accepted method.
3. Transfers must be automated.

Here are my best options, but each has its own drawbacks.

FTP would work great except it is very hard to work around firewalls. This is due to the way it handles "active" and "passive" modes.
Many network admins do not understand its peculiarities.
Also, the various encryption methods used means it is not a common setup.

B. SSL web page.
HTTPS is well known and reliable, but its a pain to automate.

C. Email
Email can be automated, but it requires the files to be encrypted before transfer using PGP or other methods. PGP is being used less and less, and frankly it can be a pain sometimes.

So, is there a better solution available?

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