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Submission + - Facebook says it owns "book." ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Facebook has sued a tiny start-up called over the use of “book” in its name. The start-up, which has two employees, aims to provide tools for teachers to manage their classrooms and share lesson plans and other resources. “Effectively they’re bombing a mosquito here, and we’re not sure why they want to do that,” co-director Greg Shrader told the Tribune. Facebook said its use of “book” in its name is “highly distinctive in the context of online communities and networking websites.” Facebook apparently is alleging that no other online “network of people” can use the word “book” in its name without violating its trademark. Book 'em, Marko.

Submission + - Drunken Employee Shoots Server (

Target Practice writes: A drunken mortgage worker at RANLife Home Loans decided for unknown reasons to take out the company's $100,000 server with a .45-caliber automatic, blaming the damage on an imagined assailant who: mugged him, assaulted him with his own weapon, drugged him, and then broke into his office to shoot said server. According to acquaintances, he had threatened earlier that day to shoot the server and then himself.

Submission + - Google Officially Brings Voice To Gmail (

siliconbits writes: Google has finally added voice support to its popular Gmail email service which means that users will soon be able to call landlines and mobiles worldwide for free or for extremely low prices. The announcement was made at a press conference in San Francisco in front of a few selected press members.

Submission + - SPAM: Matt Asay joins Canonical

viralMeme writes: Big development as Matt Asay recently announced he is coming on board Canonical as the new COO.

Good Thing: For Mr. Asay, this is a good thing: he will greatly expand his influence, and be able to impose his philosophy on what is arguably the most popular distro.

Bad Thing: For everyone else, this is a bad thing: he will greatly expand his influence, and be able to impose his philosophy on what is arguably the most popular distro.

Comment Re:A word from a NoScript Forum Moderator (Score 2, Insightful) 408

"1) Giorgio Maone himself has pointed out repeatedly, including at the thread in question, that anyone can disable his pages' ads with NoScript just by blocking the Google-Syndication scripts. NoScript itself cannot be circumvented in this blocking, even by NoScript. :)"

Except the NoScript site serves ads from other sources than just Google. For example, I count 3 "pop-up on hover" adds from DoClix, Inc. on the "GetIt" page alone. Please note the references to "" as well as a "sponsored links" sections that is not from Google in addition to the ads. Not that either side of this point is actually relevant to how inappropriate the action was.

"2) For those who think the updates are a revenue-(ad-viewing)-generator, aside from the fact that the NS FAQ includes simple instructions for turning off the home-page redirect for each update (try reading the FAQ before criticizing)"

Except - as has been pointed out many times - the user has to set this up themselves in about:config, rather than a simple checkbox from the NoScript GUI. Not that either side of this point is actually relevant to how inappropriate the action was.

The fact of the matter is that Giorgio crossed a line, violating user trust and behaved in a manner exactly like malware. Rationalizing the action by saying there was an "an aggressive EasyList campaign against sites sponsoring NoScript development" or that it was an "attack" on the NoScript site, indicates a problem of acceptance of responsibility and does not help - it only compounds the mistake. Giorgio needs to apologize, promise not to do anything like this again in the future and try to regain user trust.

Comment Re:But everything in that article is made up. (Score 1) 898

Excuse me? I'm not *evangelizing* jack shit. I said *why* I think something - clearly identified both my source and (in)experience with the topic - and thanked people that provided comments.

People can do that, you know? State what they think and then listen to what other people have to say - it's how intelligent people refine their opinions.

The dude from MS said a full day before your personal attack that the article didn't hold up - that was good enough for me, because it's not something I care enough about to research any further. Just like my newly refined opinion of you.

Comment Re:Your assumption is incorrect. (Score 1) 898

Thanks for the response. I guess I'm slow because I can't wrap my head around the assertion that there is "absolutely ZERO impact on people who don't use DRM'd media".

Admittedly, I don't use Vista - and I'm basing my opinion on this article I read a long time ago - but it seems to be both by "common-sense" and "real figuring" (like in the article), all the DRM stuff that was added in Vista does have some impact. Even on those who wouldn't be using DRM'ed files.

"Stayin Alive" Helps You Stay Alive 31

In a small study conducted at the University of Illinois medical school, doctors and students maintained close to the ideal number of chest compressions doing CPR while listening to the Bee Gees hit, "Stayin' Alive." At 103 beats per minute, the old disco song has almost the perfect rhythm to help keep accurate time while doing chest compressions. The study showed the song helped people who already know how to do CPR, and the results were promising enough to warrant larger, more definitive studies with real patients or untrained people. I wonder what intrinsic power is contained in "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?"

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